Charity Software UK: 7 Best Choices With Powerful Features

Like every other country, the UK has its own rules and regulations; That’s why people are looking for charity software UK, which helps them to manage all the operations of charity organizations in a streamlined manner.

The truth is charity organizations are stretched by time and in need of funds. To manage all these things smoothly, charity software is made.

Charity Donation Software is a modern and advanced solution to comprehensive donation management. This software can manage donations, donors’ data, online payments, volunteers, accounts, administration, fundraisings, and many more things as per the requirement.

This blog will give you all the insights of charity software and you can find the 7 best charity software UK filtered by our experts, in the answer of bulk contribution management at charities.

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What Do You Mean By Charity Software?

Charity Software is meant to be cloud-based software designed to overcome the management stress of nonprofits, churches, and charity organizations.

Yes, any philanthropic organization such as nonprofits, churches, and charities can use this software to manage donations. Therefore they are called Non Profit Donation Software or Church Donation Software also.

Charity Donation Software provides features to track and manage donations, perform online giving, keep a record of donor profile information, generate a report for analysis, automated receipt generating, enhance fundraising, team members management, and many more things custom asked by an organization.

All these features of charity software lead to the benefits such as flexibility, time management, reports and analysis, automation, database creation, screening, and high efficiency.

This Church Donation Software use is free as well paid also. With open source donation management software you don’t have to pay anything.

But, if you want some advanced features and highly secure technology, then you can purchase a paid subscription from any trustable donation software vendor.

What Is The Need For Charity Software UK?

Charity software UK can be highly beneficial for non-profit and charity organizations established in the United Kingdom as it can help them manage their operations more efficiently and effectively. 

Here are some reasons why charity software UK is important:

1. Streamlined Operations
Charity Software UK can help non-profit organizations streamline their operations by automating repetitive tasks such as donation processing, volunteer management, and event registration.

This can save time and increase productivity, allowing organizations to focus more on their mission.

2. Better Donor Management
The Charity Donation Software can help non-profit organizations keep track of their donors’ information, donations, and giving history.

This can help organizations identify their most valuable donors, tailor their fundraising efforts, and build stronger relationships with their supporters.

3. Improved Financial Management
Fundraising software for nonprofits can manage their finances more effectively by providing tools for budgeting, expense tracking, and financial reporting.

All these things can help organizations stay within their budget, track their expenses, and make informed decisions about their financial future.

4. Increased Visibility
Significantly the charity software UK can help charities to increase their visibility and reach by providing tools for online fundraising, social media marketing, and email communication.

Hence, it can help organizations attract new supporters, build awareness for their cause, and engage with their existing audience.

Overall, charity software UK can be a valuable tool for non-profit organizations looking to improve their operations, engage with their supporters, and make a greater impact in their communities.

Let’s dive into the filtered best 7 charity software accessible in the United Kingdom.

7 Best Charity Software Available For The UK

  1. DonorKite
  2. NonprofitCore
  3. Affnetz
  4. Geenees
  5. B Generous
  6. GoodUnited
  7. Giftmap

1. DonorKite

DonorKite is a powerful tool designed to solve all the complicated queries of donation management. 

It offers a compressive service for the organization’s operations including tracking of donation data, recording of donor’s information, integration with online payment gateways, managing fundraising campaigns, and many more.

The DonorKite as a charity software UK offers a free trial to their customers for 30 days and it is globally accessible to use.

Let’s have a look at the features and benefits offered by DonorKite.

Features Offered By DonorKite

  • Manage Donations
    DonorKite will give full support to manage all the collected donations through your website and online payments at the donation database.
  • Multiple Fundraising Campaign
    This charity software UK as DonorKite will help you to manage more than one fundraising campaign on unique subjects. That helps you to reach a number of people online.
  • Donor Profile Information
    The DonorKite database will save the donor profile information such as their names, contact information, email addresses, etc. with security.
  • Donation Tracking
    The nonprofit donation software DonorKite tracks the real time donations with accurate date and time, amount, and donor info.
  • Online Giving
    DonorKite accepts online payments for donations from websites and mobile devices.
  • Receipt Generator
    This software will facilitate you with the automated receipt generator feature in which you can send it to the donors’ email immediately or schedule.
  • Donor Dashboard
    The Donor dashboard represents the donation record with donors’ information in an understandable tabular form.
  • Control Panel
    The control panel of DonorKite will represent the donors’ information. This is a personalized panel for donors where they can manage their donation information and perform recurring donations.
  • Payment Gateway Integration
    The DonorKite will integrate with multiple payment gateways such as 2CheckOut and Paypal.
  • Report and Analysis
    This software will generate the report of donation history with accuracy. So you can analyze the donor’s behaviour for previous donations which helps in a fundraising act.
  • Custom Feature Services
    This is the best service provided by DonorKite in which they will offer customization on the features. You can add more features as per the requirement of your charity organization.
  • Volunteer Management
    This feature is offered by DonorKite to manage team members’ data on the database. You can add, remove, or edit the team members’ information from the database whenever you want.

Top Benefits of DonorKite

  • Improvise Your Fundraising Efforts
    DonorKite can manage multiple fundraising campaigns, so with the help of this software, you can enhance fundraising efforts and reach a large number of audiences online.
  • Time Savings
    By automating all the nonprofit operations at the organization, this DonorKite software will save a lot of time and help you to focus more on your work.
  • Donor Relationships
    Maintaining constant communications with donors from the DonorKite technology will help you to maintain good relationships with donors.
  • Reporting
    DonorKite’s reporting structure provides valuable insights into fundraising and donor activity. So you will get more donations every time.
  • Import/Export Data
    This software will allow you to import or export the donation data from another device while updating to the new version.
  • Team Member Management
    Team member management is very smooth and simplified on the DonorKite platform. You can easily edit the team members’ information at your convenience.

As a charity software UK, the DonorKite provides numerous benefits that fulfill all the requirements of any nonprofit, church, or charity organization. You must contact them to get the best results for your charity organization.

2. NonprofitCore

NonprofitCore is a cloud-based charity software designed to help nonprofits. This software is very easy to use and offers some exciting features such as CRM, fundraising, accounting, reporting, analysis, etc.

Now, see the features and benefits offered by NonprofitCore charity software UK.

Features Offered By NonprofitCore

  • Fundraising
    The NonprofitCore provides advanced fundraising tools to search, connect, and retain more donors easily.
  • CRM
    This charity software built stronger relationships with donors, your other profiles, and communication at one platform.
  • Accounting
    NonprofitCore charity software UK will reduce all the strong efforts of maintaining accounts, this software will manage every angle of your account with high security and accuracy.

Top Benefits of NonprofitCore

  • Reporting and Analysis
    This software will generate the reports to help you understand the donation history and donor behaviour.
  • Enhance Fundraising
    NonprofitCore is ultimately built to enhance fundraising efforts, it provides an effective platform to connect more people for the purpose of funding.
  • Communication Tools
    The NonprofitCore supports you to maintain communication with donors through Email, Phone, and Chat Support. That balances the good relationship with followers.

3. Affnetz

Affnetz charity software unifies multiple standalone software tools available with fully-integrated solutions and offers range of features such as donor engagement, fundraising, reporting, donor management, and many more.

Here, we have explained the features and benefits of Affnetz. Have a look:

Features Offered By Affnetz

  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
    Affnetz offers peer-to-peer fundraising with the facilities of personal communication, campaign Updates, Automated Tax Receipts, and Integrated System.
  • Donor Management
    The charity software Affnetz manages all the donors’ information in its database and increases the engagement with them.
  • Website Integration
    With the Affnetz website integration you can experience services like easy-to-use content management, event management, one calendar, and peer-to-peer fundraising.

Top Benefits of Affnetz

  • Engage Donors
    With the help of advanced technology communication tools and donor databases, this Affnetz charity software helps you to engage donors consistently.
  • Multiple Fundraising Solutions
    Affnetz offers fundraising campaign management with peer-to-peer fundraising, individual fundraising, and crowdfunding.
  • Volunteer Management
    You can manage all the volunteer data and volunteer task allotment with the help of Affnetz charity donation software.

4. Geenees

Geenees is a software which helps you with the management of connecting with needy people. It helps nonprofits to contact the people who seek help. By being a part of the Geenees world, you can make a difference in the world.

Let’s see the complete insights of features and benefits offered by Geenees.

Features Offered By Geenees

  • Engage Young Donors
    Geenees guide you with the best strategy and put efforts to increase engagement of young donors.
  • Integration
    The charity software Geenees will integrate with your existing software and tools to keep everything online.
  • Send Gifts
    The Geenees software provides the most easy ways and facilities of sending gifts to the needy ones on behalf of your nonprofit organization.

Top Benefits of Geenees

  • Connect With Needy Ones
    Geenees helps you with the right information of needy family and friends from your location, so you can reach them to help.
  • Customer Service
    The Geenees charity software provides outstanding customer service which supports and guides you with any query.
  • Manage Operations
    From connecting with people to sending gifts to them, the Geenees charity software will manage all the operations of your organization.

5. B Generous

B Generous charity donation software works on the principle of ‘Donate Now, Pay Later.” This methodology will help you to raise donations more effectively than the other firm.

Now, Have a look at the features and benefits offered by B Generous for the donation management.

Features Offered By B Generous

  • Donate Now, Pay Later
    This feature of B Generous provides you with the number of guaranteed donations from your website.
  • Online Donation
    B Generous accepts online donation by adding the ‘Donate Now, Pay Later’ button at your website.
  • Donation Management
    This software will manage all the donations received from the online collection and make you burden free.

Top Benefits of B Generous

  • Get Quick Donations
    Your nonprofit organization will receive a quick donation from the B Generous software, but your donor will pay later with zero interest and no extra charge.
  • Receive Large Donations
    With this new initiative of pay later option, your nonprofit will receive a large number of donations everyday.
  • No CTO Required
    To add a ‘Donate Now, Pay Later’ button at your website, the B Generous software will not ask for any CTO or complicated code. You can add it with the help of one liner code.

6. GoodUnited

GoodUnited charity donation software specifically designed to help nonprofits to generate more leads and more revenue with minimal efforts. It helps a lot in fundraising with the advanced technologies.

Here, see the top features and benefits of GoodUnited in detail.

Features Offered By GoodUnited

  • Reporting and Analysis
    Regularly update the revenue data report in pie chart and graph format to understand and analyze better.
  • Integration and API
    GoodUnited integrates with a flexible and scalable API to connect more effectively with people.
  • Communication Tools
    This GoodUnited charity software provides high tech communication tools and technology to message your donors consistently.

Top Benefits of GoodUnited

  • Generate More Revenue
    With very low efforts from nonprofits and charities, the GoodUnited software generates high revenue of donations.
  • Increase Fundraising
    GoodUnited connects with a number of people from the social media platform by conducting fundraising campaigns which results in the high fundraising rate.
  • Build Relationship
    By texting from social media apps, the GoodUnited builds good and consistent relationships with donors that helps in generating more revenue.

7. Giftmap

Giftmap is a mapping solution for fundraisers, This will help you to manage different funding opportunities throughout the area of your organization. Adopting Giftmap is a good idea to raise funds in nearby locations.

Have a look at the detailed information regarding features and benefits of Giftmap.

Features Offered By Giftmap

  • Presentation Design Group (PDG)
    This PDG feature is offered by Giftmap to provide Experiential Design + Build Studio specializing to acknowledge the donors in your area.
  • Dynamic Campus Maps
    This feature of Giftmap collects the data from Acorn to find out fundraising opportunities in your campus.
  • Simple Export Tools
    The simple export tools of Giftmap software will help to move the data and information from multiple devices to one common central device.

Top Benefits of Giftmap

  • Support
    In real-time, Giftmap software supports the efforts of your nonprofit’s fundraising team.
  • Prepare
    Giftmap helps you to make perfect presentations within a minute by using your computer devices.
  • Promote
    This software leads you to the philanthropic investors to raise the donations for your charity organization.


In conclusion, the power of technology has made it easier than ever before to give back to those in need through charity software UK. 

From fundraising to volunteer management, the seven donation management software solutions we’ve explored here provide powerful features that can help nonprofits and charities achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently. 

By harnessing the potential of these tools, organizations can streamline their operations, engage their supporters, and make a greater impact in the world. 

So, if you’re involved with a charity or nonprofit in the UK, consider exploring these innovative software solutions and unlocking their potential to change lives for the better.

We wish you the best in choosing charity software for your organization!!!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Charity software can help nonprofits streamline their administrative tasks, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. 


It can also provide insights into donor behavior, help organizations better understand their impact, and support fundraising efforts.

The 7 Best Charity Software UK are: DonorKite, NonprofitCore, Affnetz, Geenees, B Generous, GoodUnited, and Giftmap.

Features to look for in charity software include donor management tools, fundraising tools, event management tools, volunteer management tools, reporting and analytics capabilities, and integration with other software

To choose the best charity software for your organization, consider your specific needs and budget, research the available options, read reviews and case studies, and consult with other nonprofits and industry experts.

The cost of charity software varies depending on the features and functionality offered. Some software is available for free or at a low cost, while others require a monthly or annual subscription fee.

The ease of use of charity software varies depending on the software and the user's level of technical proficiency.

Some software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, while others may require some training or technical support to use effectively.

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