Top 3 Donation Receipt Generator Software: Most Used By Nonprofits

Everybody asks for a bill after a successful payment completion; Well!!! With donations, the term used is a donation receipt, and for managing bulk donations, the donation receipt generator software plays a vital role for nonprofits, churches, and charity organizations.

Donation receipts are meant to be utilized as written proof of donation accepted by the respected organization.

It builds trust between donors and nonprofits for financial transactions and motivates donors for recurring donations. Same as these, there are many advantages of generating donation receipts, which we will see in this blog.

How donation receipt generator software helps nonprofits? and why is it worth investing in software? and which are the top 3 donation receipt generator software?; learn every insight of these queries with us.

Let’s Start!!!

What Is A Donation Receipt?

Donation receipt is a valid written proof of received donation from the nonprofit organization.

These donation receipts are the acknowledgement of sending gifts to an organization on legal terms. Generally it is in the form of a letter or email sent to a donor after a successful completion of donations.

Sending a donation receipt is the next step after collecting a contribution. By providing this written acknowledgement of receipts, you let donors know that the monetary or in-kind contribution is successfully received by a nonprofit organization.

It is a responsibility of nonprofit organizations to assure their donors through donation receipts that donation has been received and they are grateful for receiving contributions from them.

What Do You Mean By Donation Receipt Generator Software?

As the name suggests, donation receipt generator software is a tool which allows a nonprofits to generate automated receipts in the same format for an individual donation.

Donation receipt generation feature is provided by Non Profit Donation Software also. That means those donation database software who generate receipts of donations and send it through email to donors are known as donation receipt generator software.

This software is used to speed up the working procedure of nonprofit organisations. They can generate automated online receipts instantly for every online donation, that means the orgaization has to not worry about receipt mess of bulk donations.

Donation receipt generator software increases the accuracy and efficiency, they provide error-free result on receipt generation and save a lot of time of receipt generating and sending.

You can streamline donation management and get proper reporting on donation history while keeping the donors’ profile data safe by using donation receipt generator software.

In short, An automated online solution of generating receipts that help you to organize your numerous donations well is called donation receipt generator software.

Why Is It Important To Send Donation Receipts?

If somebody gives a part of their valuable income made from hard work for donations, then it’s their right to receive appreciation, gratitude, and official assurance on receiving donations from the respective nonprofit organization.

Donation receipts are the permanent proof of collecting contributions from the donors, and by sending the receipts on time you are building a faith between your organization and donors.

As donation receipts are helping donors on tax deductions legally, the donor will always prefer your nonprofit organization for recurring donations, if you send the receipts on time.

Also, the donor will recommend your organization to their contacts as a trustable nonprofit for contribution. That means you are indirectly enhancing the fundraising for your organization.

Donation receipts have proved beneficial for both nonprofits and donors.

There are a lot of possibilities that if you do not provide any receipt that means the donor will not come again for the donation, which will become a great loss for you in the upcoming future. So, technically it is better and important to send donation receipts.

How Donation Receipts Matters To Donors and Nonprofits?

Let’s see the role of donation receipts for donors and nonprofits;

For Donors

  1. Tax Deductions
    Donors need to provide documents in order to be eligible for tax deductions related to their charitable contributions.
  2. Confirmation
    Donation receipts give confirmation of receiving donations by the organization successfully.
  3. Keeping financial records
    When it comes to charitable giving, donors can easily maintain track of their funds by using donation receipts.

For Nonprofits

  1. Legal requirements
    The IRS occasionally requires donation receipts. Failure to send a receipt can result in fines of up to $5,000 for each individual campaign and $10 for each contribution.
  2. Keeping track of donation histories
    One more way for organizations to record donor profile information is by sending out donation receipts to donors.
  3. Accounting
    Organisations can keep clear, precise financial records thanks to donation receipts.
    Now, let’s focus on the top 3 donation receipt generator software, which is experienced and loved by numerous nonprofit organizations.

Top 3 Donation Receipt Generator Software Trusted By Nonprofits

  1. DonorKite
  2. receiptManager
  3. Cheddar Up

Let’s dive into them.

1. DonorKite

DonorKite is a fabulous donation receipt generator software that deserves to be in first place because it provides automated receipt generation and sending feasibility with a number of other features also.

That means DonorKite is not helping in only receipt generation but provides so many exciting features which helps a nonprofit organization for donation management, donation tracking, record donor profile, reporting and analysis, fundraising, online giving, integration, and many more.

The good part about Church Donation Software DonorKite is its available FREE for 30 days. Nonprofits can experience its features first and then make decisions about using it permanently.

Let’s see in detail about all the services offered by DonorKite.

DonorKite Features

  • Donation Receipts

DonorKite offers automation on receipt generation and makes the nonprofit’s work easy.

This Software offers a donor-facing automatic receipt notification system.

Receipts may be delivered right away or on a scheduled time.

If necessary, the system also supports the creation of receipts manually.

  • Unlimited Donation Tracking
    This software tracks unlimited donations in real-time and saves the details of date, time, amount, and donor within the purchased subscription plan.
  • Unlimited Donors
    DonorKite manages unlimited donors and securely keeps the donor’s profile information such as donor’s name, contact number, and email address.
  • Integrations
    You can do payment gateway integrations as well as integrations with the organization’s existing software.
  • Online Giving
    With DonorKite, donors can donate with multiple online payment options such as Paypal, 2Checkout, and Stripe from websites and apps.
  • Donor Control Panel
    DonorKite’s control panel is for donors where they can see all their donations at one place. They can keep records of their total donations done till today and do recurring donations if they want.
  • Donor Dashboard
    Donor dashboard of DonorKite will display all the donors and donation data in a tabular form to understand better.
  • Reporting
    This software generates accurate reports on donation history, so you can analyze donor behaviour for fundraising activities.
  • Manage Multiple Fundraising Campaigns
    Your organisation can build and oversee several campaigns at once with DonorKite. Campaigns can be altered to highlight particular issues or occasions. You can monitor the development and effectiveness of every campaign.
  • Customization Capability
    If your organization’s needs are different or more than provided features. Then, DonorKite offers customization feature facility to add features as per your nonprofits requirements.

Advantages of Using DonorKite

  • Save Time
    By automating several tasks like receipt generation and sending, donation managing and tracking, collecting donations, etc. will save a lot of time for nonprofits.
  • Generate Automated Receipt And Send
    DonorKite automates the complete procedure of generating receipts and sending it through email.
  • Increase Donor Engagement
    With multiple fundraising campaigns and emails, DonorKite tries to create a consistent interest in donors that will increase donor engagement.
  • Maintain Good Relationship With Donor
    Sending donation receipts immediately everytime builds trust between donors and nonprofits, which will help to maintain a good relationship with donors.
  • Globally Available
    DonorKite is not accessible only as donor management software UK, Canada, USA, or Australia. In fact, anybody can use its services from anywhere in the world. Related: 5 Best Church Donation Software for Australia 2023
  • Offers Free Trial
    You don’t have to pay before experiencing DonorKite service. You will get a free trial of 30 days at first, then you have to pay for further services.
  • Allow Import/Export Data
    When you want to update to the new version of DonorKite on a new device, then you can import or export the data from another device. So, you will never lose donation histories.
  • User-friendly Interface
    This software provides a user-friendly interface to increase usability in which anybody can easily surf on the software.
  • No Hidden Fees
    DonorKite never asks for any platform fee or hidden fee rather than a subscription plan. You can experience all the features at your affordable price.
  • Free Software Installation And Training
    You don’t have to pay extra for software installation and software training. Everything will be provided within a chosen subscription plan.
  • Free Upgradation In New Version
    Whenever the software upgrades, you don’t have to pay extra for the upgrade. DonorKite will do it for you within a purchased plan.

Price Chart of DonorKite

DonorKite offers multiple features for your comfortable budget.

Monthly as well as annual subscription plans are avail by DonorKite.

The starting price of DonorKite is $49 per month.

Price may vary with customization features.

DonorKite is such a good deal to grab you must contact the DonorKite team from the contact section or by filling an inquiry form on the website.

2. ReceiptManager

receiptManager is a donation receipt generator software powered by cloudStack services. This software provides sending and generating features for official CRA-consolidated receipts and year-end giving summaries.

Let’s explore the features and benefits offered by receiptManager.

ReceiptManager Features

  • Generate & Send Receipts Automatically
    This software helps you to automatically send email donor acknowledgements and donation receipts. All donation receipts can optionally be downloaded and printed for mailing in one easy step.
  • Provide Branded Receipt Templates
    Combine your donor acknowledgement letters and donation receipt templates. Make branded, CRA-compliant receipts with gift and payment information.
  • Year-end Giving Summaries
    Save time by automatically generating and distributing contributors’ year-end giving summaries or official CRA-consolidated receipted reports in a single action.

Advantages of Using receiptManager

  • Reduce your administrative workload
    By automating the processes that take up your time, you’ll get more time for the tasks you enjoy. More output equals higher revenue.
  • Time Saving
    By automating tax receipt generation after each donation, receiptManager will save your lot of time.
  • Ensure the contributions of your donors
    Donors can relax knowing that their contribution was processed quickly and effectively for a good cause.

Price Chart of receiptManager

receiptManager price starts from $1800 per year.

For more details contact them through the website.

3. Cheddar Up

Cheddar Up is a comprehensive donation receipt generator software who provides features to collect all the payments easily and then generate receipts for it.

Let’s explore the features and advantages offered by Cheddar Up software.

Cheddar Up Features

  • Customize Email Receipts
    You can build your donation page and collect donations with Cheddar Up. This software will generate customized detailed donation receipts sent through an Email.
  • Recurring Payments
    Cheddar Up offers automatic recurring payment options as installments and monthly fees. So, you can automatically get donations from the donors who want to donate in a regular period of time.
  • Customize Settings
    With Cheddar Up, you can choose your donation page from a variety of custom settings and make it how you want it to.

Advantages of Using Cheddar Up

  • Send Messages & Reminders
    Send follow-up messages to donors from the platform and automated simple email reminders to ensure timely payments.
  • Online Reporting and Withdrawals
    Online or with the Cheddar Up mobile apps, you can do withdrawals and drill-down reporting.
  • Multiple Payment Methods
    This software allows donors to choose payment methods from multiple options such as credit card, echeck or cash/check.

Price Chart of Cheddar Up

Cheddar Up offers three different subscription plans for nonprofits.

  1. Basic – Free for all ($0)
  2. Pro – Made for individuals ($10 /monthly & billed annually)
  3. Team – Made for groups ($30 /monthly & billed annually)

Above plan’s price varies as per the number of features provided. For more info contact via website.


In conclusion, the use of donation receipt generator software has become increasingly prevalent among nonprofits, facilitating efficient and accurate documentation of donations received.

All the Charity Donation Software mentioned in this blog offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform, allowing nonprofits to generate customized and professional receipts quickly.

The advanced features of all this charitable donation software, such as integration with fundraising platforms and automated receipt delivery, make them a popular choice among nonprofits and charity organizations of all sizes.

Not only the donation receipt generating service but the donation receipt generator software provides comprehensive features such as robust reporting capabilities, seamless integration with popular payment gateways, data accuracy & security, etc. for streamline donation management.

We learn that not only for nonprofits but the donation receipts are also important for donors. Because it gives confirmation of donation, helps in a tax deduction, and leads to maintaining accurate financial records.

It is important for nonprofits to carefully consider their specific needs and budget when selecting a donation receipt generator software.

By leveraging these top three software solutions—DonorKite, receiptManager, and Cheddar Up—nonprofits can enhance their efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism in managing their donation receipts.

Ultimately, the adoption of reliable donation receipt generator software contributes to the overall transparency, accountability, and trustworthiness of nonprofits, fostering stronger relationships with donors and supporting their important missions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Nonprofits should use donation receipt generator software to streamline their donation management process. These tools offer features such as customizable receipt templates, donor database management, and automated receipt generation. 


By using these software solutions, nonprofits can efficiently track and acknowledge donations, maintain accurate records, and provide professional receipts to donors.

Yes, many donation receipt generator software solutions offer integrations with popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems, payment gateways, and email marketing platforms. 


Integration capabilities allow nonprofits to sync donor information, track donations, and automate receipt generation, enhancing overall fundraising and donor management processes.

Yes, reputable donation receipt generator software providers prioritize the security of donor information and financial transactions. They employ industry-standard encryption protocols and follow best practices to ensure data protection. 


However, it is essential for nonprofits to choose reliable and trusted software providers and follow recommended security measures to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of donor data.

Yes, many donation receipt generator software solutions support multiple currencies, allowing nonprofits to receive donations from various countries. 


They also provide options for customizing receipt templates in different languages, ensuring that nonprofits can communicate effectively with their international donors.

Yes, donation receipt generator software typically provides customizable receipt templates. Nonprofits can add their organization's logo, contact information, and specific details relevant to their operations. 


This customization helps create a personalized receipt that aligns with the nonprofit's branding and provides a professional touch to donors.


Yes, donation receipt generator software can generate receipts for non-monetary donations as well. 


These software solutions allow nonprofits to specify the nature of the donation, such as goods or services, and include relevant details in the receipt. This feature helps nonprofits acknowledge and document all types of contributions received.

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