Church Donation Software Australia: Top 5 Picks for 2023

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Streamline donation management plays a crucial role for churches. This article describes the best church donation software Australia in 2023.

Usually, people purchase the things suggested by any trustable person. But, for church donation software, We think this idea will not work more efficiently.

You need proper research and correct guidance to fulfill your churches’ expectations for donation management software.

Rules, perceptions, and needs vary in different locations. And not every donation software is accessible in every country.

This blog is dedicated to those confused about choosing church donation software in Australia.

We have researched with our experts to filter the best 5 church donation software of 2023.

Let’s start!

What Is Church Donation Software?

Church Donation Software is a specially designed software for simplifying church management systems.

This donation management puts everything online and reduces the workload of churches.

Managing donations, tracking donations, recording donor information, and managing memberships from donation software make everything easy for churches.

The Donation Management Software also manages emails, text messaging, events, fundraisings, notifications, report generation, accounting, administration, and online payments.

Streamlining every operation is the goal of church donation management software so churches can focus on their causes.

This donation software is not limited to churches; any religious organizations, nonprofits, and charities can use it for donation management.

Why Is Church Management Important?

Not only in Australia but everywhere in the world people believe in church to connect with their almighty, and that’s why they are donating happily for the churches.

It is very important for churches to make a happy environment in the church and surroundings and also a consistent communication and connection with donors.

Here, with a great and easy church management an organization can focus on reaching more people.

A streamline church management maintains the accounts, administration, donation history, donor records, multiple fundraising campaigns, and events.

Inshort, church management makes the church’s functionality smoother and simplified.

And the church contribution software makes church management at your fingertips! It will keep everything online and reach people consistently.

Church Donation Software Are Trustable or Not?

Yes, It is trustable.

But to ensure that you must find a trustable service provider for donation software.

After a little research, and considering feedback you have to shortlist the good donation software vendor.

With a good supporter, it is completely worthy to invest in a church donation management software.

It will streamline every operation of the church, and make its working easy.

Still, there are chances of online fraud, if you trust anybody blindly. Make sure to cross-check with the reviewer.

Let’s understand the mandatory features of church donation management software.

What Are The Common Features To Choose Donation Software?

Here, we have listed the must-have features of donation software.

  • Donation Tracking
    The Non Profit Donation Software must be able to track donations in real time. It has to deliver donation information such as donation amount, date and time, and donor info.
  • Donor Management
    Keeping donor profile information such as the donor’s name and contact details plays an important role for nonprofits, churches, and charities.
  • Online Giving
    Online giving facilities are mandatory to offer. With this service, donors can donate from anywhere through the website or mobile devices.
  • Fundraising Management
    The Charity Donation Software should manage multiple fundraising campaigns and crowdfund on online platforms.
  • Event Management
    With this feature, the donation management software can organize complete events and manage registration and ticketing.
  • Report Generation
    The proper report and donation history will help in the analysis of donors’ behaviour which results in positive fundraising.

Now, Get complete insights regarding shortlisted church donation software Australia 2023.

5 Best Church Donation Software Australia

  1. DonorKite
  2. Stellar
  3. Donkey Mobile
  4. Storehouse
  5. Church on Cloud

1. DonorKite

DonorKite is your management partner as a Church Donation Software Australia.

Not only for churches, but it’s an all-in-one solution for nonprofits, charities, and any organization that collects donations.

This church management software will help you to streamline your donation data, donors’ information, online giving, reporting, fundraising, accounting, and administration records.

List Of Features

  • DonorKite Manages a Donor Database that tracks donors’ details such as their names, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • This software Tracks Real-Time Church Donations which record information like date and time, amount, and the donor’s info.
  • Individual donor information is saved in DonorKite’s Contact Database.
  • Through Online Donations, DonorKite creates easy options of payments. It will support integration with different payment gateways.
  • DonorKite generates customized reports you require under the Reporting and Analytics feature. so you can improve your fundraising efforts and events.
  • Integrations Facilities are available in DonorKite, it connects with third-party or existing church software.
  • Your website will also be integrated with DonorKite. As a result, it can track donations made through your website under Web Integrity.
  • Customization Services are offered by DonorKite, according to the requirements of the church, DonorKite will customize the features.
  • This donation software Generates Receipts automatically and shares it through email.
  • DonorKite do Multiple Organizations’ Management and manage the donations from various companies.
  • It Enhances Fundraising Activities For Churches and offers the tools required to launch fundraising campaigns.

What Are The Benefits Offered By DonorKite?

  • By automating churchs’ management systems, DonorKite will save a lot of time.
  • User-friendly Interface of DonorKite software leads to high usability.
  • By keeping records of donor profiles and donations, this donation software performs seamless data management.
  • To understand data management from DonorKite, it provides a donor dashboard.
  • With communication tools, DonorKite helps you to maintain relationships with donors.
  • Share donation receipts to donors which build faith and increase transparency between the church and donors.
  • Generate customizable forms for events with DonorKite.
  • Data Import/Export facilities from another system are also provided by DonorKite.
  • Within the same subscription, you will get future upgradation facilities.
  • Donors can do one-time donations as well as Recurring Giving.
  • This software will help you to manage team members’ data and task management.
  • After receiving donations, DonorKite offers the automatic Send Receipts option.

Price Structure of DonorKite

DonorKite provides a Thirty-Days free trial for your organization before you purchase it.

They offer annual as well as monthly subscriptions.

The basic DonorKite price starts from $49/month. This price may change as per the customization features.

The best part of DonorKite’s price structure is they do not charge any hidden fees or platform fees.

Although, DonorKite prices are negotiable and changeable as per the feature requirement of the church.

Contact Details

You have to submit the inquiry form or free demo trial form at DonorKite Website.

After that, The DonorKite team will contact you soon.

2. Stellar

Stellar is a church donation management software solution designed to minimize the operational workload of your organization.

List Of Features

Stellar provides an event management suite as a solution to payments, registrations, forms, etc.

It proceeds payments with text-to-give, check, and cash donations.

This software manages administrative functions with data automation, custom dashboards, custom reporting, email support, and integrations.

Stellar provides US-based phone and email and contact support to communicate.

What Are The Benefits Offered By Stellar?

Stellar automates many operations such as event scheduling, donation tracking, and communication.

This is a time saving software with its automation facilities.

Stellar allows churches to communicate with their community members more effectively.

Make a secure and easy payment procedure of every donation.

Price Structure of Stellar

The prices are not revealed by Stellar on the website. You have to contact them for more details.

Contact Details

You can find contact numbers and email addresses on the Stellar website.

Also, you can fill out the form in the Talk to Us section of the website.

3. Donkey Mobile

Donkey Mobile is a church donation management software which provides mobile access too. Where you can handle hassle-free church data management.

List Of Features

You will get maximum control by getting access to all the users enrolled in the app.

Donkey Mobile keeps your finances in order and gives the answers to all your accounting questions quickly.

Manage multiple groups and administrative calendars in your phone.

What Are The Benefits Offered By Donkey Mobile?

Increase conveniency of usability in Mobile access.

Provides high data security with the assurance of Secura.

Maintain consistent communication between app users.

It will save a lot of time and make it easy to contact the members with mobile phones.

Price Structure of Donkey Mobile

Donkey Mobile’s price is dependent on the number of members in the organization.

The starting price of Donkey Mobile is $83/month (Number of Members).

Contact Details

Find out more insights on Donkey Mobile church donation software from its website.

Click Here to reach the Donkey Mobile website.

4. Storehouse

Storehouse is a common platform to streamline giving and donation management. This software will help you to maintain a good relationship with your donors.

List Of Features

Storehouse provides integrated giving in which it will manage donors’ and online gifts.

This software manages accounting and payroll tasks with blockchain protection and accurate analysis.

Storehouse church donation software generates custom forms, then sends surveys and receives payments.

Storehouse offers a facial recognition time clock which is called a touch free time clock.

What Are The Benefits Offered By Storehouse?

Storehouse automates messaging and workflow to make it easier for your organization.

Help you with team scheduling, send invitations on your behalf, and manage your dream team.

Provides you with growth check tools and technology that supports you in improvisation.

Storehouse offers social-media manager services on all the major platforms to spread your organization’s influence everywhere.

Price Structure of Storehouse

There are three different price plans offered by Storehouse:

  1. Church Plant (Start at $99/month)
  2. Community Church ($199/month)
  3. Regional Church (Custom)

You can add premium services with additional charges such as;

Text-To-Give ($9/month)
Payroll Service ($9/employee – monthly)
Branded App ($499 for Setup and $99/month)

Contact Details

Find contact details and demo form at the Storehouse website.

Click Here to check on the website.

5. Church on Cloud

Church on Cloud software specifically designed to manage church administration. This software automates the regular operations of churches in a secure way.

List Of Features

Manage online donations and track all the payments made through a financial year.

With a Member Profile feature, it provides information of members, volunteers with their contact and family details.

Event management of Church on Cloud includes reservations, resources, facilities, registration, communication, and workflow tracking.

Trigger announcement feature is used by the admin to announce anything important and send messages.

What Are The Benefits Offered By Church on Cloud?

Church on Cloud gives you graphical reports on a powerful donor dashboard to analyze growth.

It offers a user-friendly software interface and quick access.

Church on Cloud provides a smart notification option for alerts and important announcements.

It will also help you to manage church inventory. You can keep records of churchs’ equipment with Church on Cloud.

Price Structure of Church on Cloud

Church on Cloud charges as per the number of members you want to add to church management software.

$37 per 1000 members.
$74 per 2000 members.

Get detailed pricing at Church on Cloud website.

Contact Details

You can send messages via the inquiry form available at Church on the Cloud website.

Check Out the website here!

Comparison Among Listed Donation Software

All the listed software is best for Australia. All offer profitable features which give value to your organization.

But, if you are looking for the best at affordable prices, then we are glad to recommend DonorKite for your church, nonprofit, and charity organization.

We choose DonorKite as the best church donation software for you because it provides a wide range of features that gives growth and sustainability to your church or any religious organization.

In addition, DonorKite is not accessible to Australia only. Anybody can take advantage of DonorKite globally.

All the features such as donation management, donor management, fundraising, volunteer management, online giving, receipt generation, and report generation are provided by DonorKite at an affordable price.

They will give you customization services also, so you can add some extra features as per your church requirements.

DonorKite provides great customer support throughout the journey.

Hence, In every aspect, DonorKite is a good deal to grab.

Still, If you find more matches with the rest of the four donation software, then you can choose anyone without hesitation.


In conclusion, the power of technology has made it easier for churches and religious organizations in Australia to receive donations, manage finances, and streamline administrative tasks.

With the 5 best Church Donation Software Australia options outlined in this article, churches can choose the one that best suits their specific needs and preferences

Church donation software provides features such as donation management, donor management, fundraising, volunteer management, online giving, receipt generation, report generation, email, text-to-give, messaging, and many more.

Whether it’s online giving, mobile giving, or a comprehensive church management system, these software solutions make it easier for congregations to support their churches financially and help them grow.

By leveraging the benefits of these innovative tools, churches can focus on their mission and impact their communities positively in the years to come.

We wish you good luck in choosing the best donation software for your organization.

Have a Marvelous Donation Management!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Churches need a donation software because it simplifies the process of accepting donations, making it easy for members and supporters to donate to the church. 


These software solutions also help churches manage and track donations, create reports, and issue tax receipts.

The benefits of using a church donation software include increased donation revenue, simplified donation tracking and management, improved communication with donors, enhanced security and privacy, and reduced administrative workload.

The top five church donation software options for Australia are DonorKite, Stellar, Donkey Mobile, Storehouse, and Church on Cloud.

  • When choosing a church donation software, consider factors such as ease of use, pricing, features, integrations, customer support, and security.

Additionally, read reviews and compare multiple software options to find the best fit for your church's unique needs.

Not Really!!

Most donation software offers a user-friendly interface. You can easily understand it and operate it with your basic knowledge of using any software.

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We help you to enhance your fundraising efforts with simplified donation management having secure payment gateways to deliver maximum impact.

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