Church Contribution Software for Donation Management

In any business, work influence always matters, which means people will come to you again if you will satisfy them with your services and customer treatment. To be connected with your customer you must need records of them. Here, Church Contribution Software is proven helpful for church management.

Church is a holy place, where people donate willingly from the heart and expect that their money should be used for positive purposes only. Trust in God encourages people to contribute to the church. That means the church will get numerous contributions often. 

It is essential to track, record and maintain the contributor or donors’ data for administration, accounting, and fundraising. And, to track every important data regarding contributors and their donations, churches need contribution tracking software.

What is Contribution Tracking Software?

A Software which is specifically designed to track all the mandatory data of contributors and contributions. That includes donors’ profile, donation record, and report generation on contribution activity under contribution tracking. Which helps to simplify in handling bulk contribution for organizations like church, nonprofits, and charitable trusts.

What is the Use of Church Contribution Software?

  • Church contribution tracking software runs actively to make churches worry-free regarding contributions data management.
  • It will track contributors’ information such as name, contact number, email, etc.
  • In terms of contribution activity, it may track the accurate date and time of contribution and also automates the receipt generator such as DonorKite.
  • By providing online payment facilities, it’s able to record real-time payment activity with security assurance.
  • Although, it will manage all the administration and accounting parts of church contribution.

Let’s discuss some mandatory features of church contribution software that help to streamline the church’s contribution process.

7 Features that must be Offered by Church Contribution Tracking Software

1. Tracking Information
Non Profit Donation Software or Church contribution tracking software must be able to track all the profile information of a church contributor such as name, mobile number, email, address, etc. like DonorKite to contact further regarding fundraising.

2. Contribution Record
Church contribution tracking software should record all types of donations, such as cash, checks, online donations, and in-kind contributions.

3. Reports and Analytics
Insight reports are mandatory because it helps in the analysis of donors’ behavior and total contributions. And that data can be used in increasing fundraising.

4. Online Giving
Contribution tracking software must provide a secure and convenient online giving platform that allows donors to make one-time or recurring donations through the church’s website or a mobile app.

5. Tax receipts
The software should facilitate tax receipts to church contributors at any time of download availability.

6. Mobile Access
Mobile access can engage more contributors as well as usability convenience for donors.

7. Integration
Integration features in church contribution software are very important to integrate with existing software and third-party software to use it effectively.

Benefits of Using Church Contribution Tracking Software

If you are spending money on something, you must be aware of the benefits you may get from your spending. We listed enough benefits which satisfy you to purchase church contribution tracking software such as DonorKite.

  • It will save your time.
  • It makes easy management of numerous data.
  • You can track unlimited contribution data.
  • You are able to track the profile information of several contributors.
  • You can customize it, as per your requirements like DonorKite does for their customers.
  • You will get insight reports and data analysis opportunities.
  • Churches can track and record donations from members, including cash, checks, credit card transactions, and other forms of contributions.
  • It will offer fundraising tools and technology.
  • You can maintain your good relationship to your donors with the help of church contribution tracking software.
  • Churches have to comply with tax laws, and contribution tracking software can help to ensure that they stay compliant.
  • It will help to stay transparent with contributors which leads to trust building.
  • Open Sources are also available for church contribution tracking software, which makes it affordable.
  • Faster solution for seamless data management.

Continue the reading, to take basic guidance regarding choosing the right contribution tracking software.

How to Choose Right Church Contribution Tracking Software?

Don’t be so worried while choosing the right church contribution tracking software, all you have to do is, list out your needs, go through the internet, and match your requirements. 

You have to precisely consider the range of features offered by software, its cost, customization services, and easy usability.  

The most mandatory requirement of church contribution software is, it will allow easy understanding to monitor, capture, and record donors’ as well as members’ data.

And the best idea to permanently purchase church contribution software is, you have to take free trials which are offered by some software like DonorKite, and then you may decide on the right software for your church.

Now, Have a look at the list of best church contribution tracking software available in the market.

List Out Best Church Contribution Tracking Software in 2023

In this competitive world, so many companies are offering Church Donation Software that helps churches to track and manage their data. Here, we have listed the top 12 tracking software considering features, pricing, and usability parameters.

  1. DonorKite
  2. Breeze chMS
  3. PowerChurch
  4. Church Windows
  5. ACS Technologies
  6. Servant Keeper
  7. Aplos
  8. ChurchTrac
  10. Church Teams
  11. Elexio
  12. Blackbaud

1. DonorKite

DonorKite is a leading software in the industry of philanthropic organizations. That is made to overcome the stress of donation management and donor management.

This software provides customization services at a global level and also offers free trials for their customers to earn their faith. 

With a free trial, any nonprofit, church, or charity organization can try the software in the first place and then decide whether to pay or not.

The services provided by DonorKite are donation management, donation tracking, receipt generation, donor profile management, fundraising, online payment facilities, and many more.

DonorKite is genuinely famous for its customer support and best software services at affordable prices, you should give it a try.

2. Breeze chMS

Breeze chMS is a church management software, specifically featured for convenience of churches. That offers easy usability and online & text giving benefits.

3. PowerChurch

PowerChurch software is designed for church management. That helps you to increase administrative efficiency, improve accounting operations, and manage events.

4. Church Windows

Church Windows donation software helps churches in various modules such as membership module, scheduler module, donation module, accounting module, and payroll module.

5. ACS Technologies

ACS Technologies is not only dedicated to church management, they offer different types of management products for various industries such as knowledge solutions, business solutions, and technology.

6. Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper says they are an all-in-one donation management solution for churches. 

The service provided by Servant Keeper is members and volunteer management, donors and contribution management, child check-in and security, events and attendance management, and sacrament management.

7. Aplos

Aplos is a donation management software for churches as well as nonprofits. 

Specifically for churches they provide features such as church management, church accounting, online giving and tithing, event registration, bill payments, and payrolls.

8. ChurchTrac

ChurchTrac is a church management software awarded by Capterra. The top features offered by ChurchTrac are church connect, giving, check-in, worship, accounting, people, and events.

9. is an online giving tool designed for churches. That provides features such as church management, event management, websites, worship, messaging, media, and online giving.

10. Church Teams

Church Teams is a church contribution software made with the motto of connecting people. It helps to manage contributors’ information and contribution data.

11. Elexio

Elexio is a church management software helping in various ways such as people management, church communication, reporting, group management, workflows, and event management.

12. Blackbaud

Blackbaud software solutions provide services in multiple industries. The top solutions provided by Blackbaud are fundraising and engagement, financial management, education solutions, and CSR & grantmaking.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, Any church, charitable trust, or nonprofit that accepts contributions regularly, needs software that is able to track and manage their bulk donations. 

Church Contribution Tracking Software is specifically designed to lose the burden of maintaining numerous data, accounting, and administration. It is a good choice for churches to purchase suitable tracking software as per their needs.

Also, Tracking software offers multiple features like managing data, tracking profile information, tracking donation status and receipt generation, as well as providing online payment options and mobile access which creates compatibility of usage for donors. 

After all, There are a number of churches that are trusting and working on contribution tracking software globally. We will also recommend choosing any fruitful tracking software like DonorKite, which will help you throughout the process and save and track your important data precisely.

We wish you the happy experience of working with a contribution tracking partner for your church.

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