Top 5 Donor Management Software in Canada

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“Donor management software is developed to help nonprofits and charity organizations. In this blog, we will see how donation management software makes nonprofit work easy and which are the top 5 donor management software solutions available for Canada.”

So many times, you may get lost and confused with your paperwork and sheets. 

Don’t panic! 

That usually happens with an organization which is not using any software to maintain data. However, it’s a nonprofit organization or any other organization related to different industries.  

But, the modern world has already developed an advanced solution for data management.

Yes, Donor management software is designed to help nonprofit organizations in various management.

There are numerous options available for donor management software, but not everybody provides customization facilities. 

May your needs vary as per the country aspect. Possibly you are looking for donor management software which is accessible to your country.

In this blog, we have explained in-detail the information and services provided by top 5 donor management software solutions in Canada.

Let’s Start!!!

What Is Donor Management Software?

Donor management software is a category of nonprofit software solutions where you can record and manage all the information regarding contributors/donors and donations. 

Also, you can monitor and evaluate a donor’s profile and the donation history. 

You will obtain insight reports about the donor’s behaviour and can keep digital records of your donations.

It makes possible for you to maintain contact with donors, strengthen your relationships with them, and make communication easier throughout fundraising efforts. 
To put it simply, donation management software is your convenient online solution for gathering data on donation procedures.

How Can Donor Management Software Overcome Your Work Stress?

Everyone is aware of how crucial it is to maintain company records. especially if the core of your firm is financial transactions. 

With donor management software, your nonprofit will thrive, endure, and accomplish its objectives.

By implementing donor management software, nonprofits may improve donor relations, maintain their data, segment their donor bases for personalisation, and provide donors the donation option to give from any place. 

A good donor management system is directly proportional to the nonprofit’s growth.

Moreover, solicitation writing, keeping records for tax considerations, and trend analysis can all be aided by donor software.

Better data exploitation, efficient donor communication, nurturing of new donors, and retention of current donors are all functions of donation software.

Donor management software manages donations by keeping track of them all in one place, regardless of where they originate, including social networking sites, email campaigns, and charity events.

The “reasons donor management software is the master solution for your organization” are briefly summarised as follows:

  • Processes that take a long time are automated.
  • Everything is in one location.
  • makes communication better.
  • Secure to use.
  • Searching requires less effort and time.
  • helps in maintaining and formation of relationships with donors.
  • finds trends in donations.
  • makes event planning easier.

In fact, at the time of natural emergencies and crises, you can manage urgent demands of fundraising in easy ways.

This means that donor management software will surely be useful if you want to run your nonprofits in a very organised and professional manner.

Now, Find out the list and complete explanation for the top 5 donor management software in Canada.

Top 5 Donor Management Software in Canada

  1. DonorKite
  2. Shelby Online Giving
  3. Eleo
  4. Givelify
  5. BasicFunder

1. DonorKite

Donorkite is an online solution for nonprofits’ donor management by providing comprehensive services including donation tracking, recording donor profile information, team member management, and many more.

DonorKite services are not limited to the number of donors that come across the month or year. 

If you are taking an annual subscription, then you can access unlimited donation data throughout the year. 

Simultaneously, If you subscribe to a monthly plan, then you can manage unlimited donations within that month.

Let’s have a drive to the features, benefits, and reasons for liking DonorKite.

What Do You Like The Most About DonorKite?

The DonorKite team does not assist you only up to the deal finalization. The whole team is dedicated to your organization for its services. 

DonorKite is a complete package that any nonprofit may desire. 

DonorKite provides all the mandatory management-related services.

The customer support team is helping you throughout the journey. You can ask or solve your queries regarding software whenever you want.

In terms of the service package, DonorKite provides donor management, fundraising solutions, online payment modes, team member management, an automatic receipt generator, and many more.

As per the features offered by DonorKite, the price plans are convenient. You have unlimited donor and donation record access in your every subscription.

DonorKite is a budget-friendly and supportive innovation in the era of donor management software.

List Out The Top Features of DonorKite.

Donor Management
DonorKite records all the basic information of an individual donor and their given donations.

Donation Monitoring
By centralising all the information, DonorKite can assist in streamlining the procedure. You can see all donors’ most recent and past donation information.

Manage Donor Profiles
Donor profiles are crucial because they help you establish more personal connections with your donors. 

You will get donor information such as name, phone number, email address, etc. in order to communicate consistently with DonorKite.

Alternatives for Flexible Payment
DonorKite allows donations through a variety of channels including PayPal, 2CheckOut, Stripe, and others that make easy payment solutions for donors.

Create a Report
Using insight reports generated by DonorKIte supports your fundraising methods, you may do an overall study of your donor’s behavior.

Integration Potential
DonorKite can integrate with payment gateways and third party software in order to suit the needs of donors.

Fundraising Technology
DonorKite provides fundraising tools and technology that successfully encourages fundraising campaigns, one-time donations, and recurring donations.

Generate Receipts
DonorKite automated the receipt generation and avails the automatic email sending options to share online receipts.

What Are The Benefits of Using DonorKite?

There are several benefits offered by DonorKite to improvise your donor management system. Have a look:

Save the time of nonprofits
By managing complete data of donations and donors, DonorKite saves a lot of time for nonprofits so they can focus more on their work and generate productive results for the community.

Manage team members
DonorKite manages all the team members’ data, you can edit, add, or remove the team members’ information if required.

Enhance fundraisings
By providing fundraising tools and technology, DonorKite helps you in enhancing fundraising campaigns.

Manage unlimited donors
DonorKite allows managing data of unlimited donors in your subscription package.

Manage unlimited donations
Your nonprofit organization can access unlimited donations with the DonorKite plans.

Provide customization
DonorKite allows complete customization as per nonprofits’ requirements.

User-friendly interface
Donorkite donor management software’s interface is user-friendly, anybody can understand it and use it freely.

Navigate easily
Donorkite software navigation is very easy, anybody can easily navigate in the software features.

Easy to learn software system
DonorKite software functionality and usability are completely easy to understand and use.

Donor dashboard
DonorKite provides a donor dashboard that represents all the donors and donations information and details in a well-mannered tabular form.

DonorKite helps you to analyze donors’ behavior and donations collected throughout the months, so you can approach the donor and improve the fundraising efforts in the right way.

Explain The Price Structure

DonorKite gives the best deal in an annual subscription as well as in a monthly plan.

The price offered by DonorKite is negotiable and changeable as per the features chosen by an organization. 

The basic DonorKite price starts from $49/month (There is No hidden fees or platform fees) with the access of unlimited donations.

You can check in-detail plans and offers by contacting them.

Is DonorKite Limited To Canada?

Not at all!!

DonorKite is accessible worldwide. 

Any nonprofits, churches, or charity organizations can use DonorKite donor management software from any country in the world.

In fact, Customization as per the country’s demand is also provided by DonorKite.

How To Contact DonorKite?

You can easily contact and ask for a demo trial through the DonorKite website.

You have to fill the inquiry form first, then the DonorKite team will contact you soon.

You can check all the services and offers from the website, contact them now!!

CLICK HERE For The DonorKite Website Link!!

2. Shelby Systems

Shelby Systems is an online giving donor management solution where all the features are designed to manage and organize online donations.

In most cases, Shelby Systems donor management software is used by churches, because its features are more compatible with churches’ requirements.

Let’s have a look on most likes, features, and benefits of the Shelby Systems.

What Do You Like The Most About ShelbySystems?

Shelby Systems donor management software is proven best for church organizations. 

There are several churches that trust in Shelby Systems for the comprehensive management of donations.

Shelby Systems is offering online donation collection facilities for churches, nonprofits, and charity organizations.

Now, see some specific features and benefits of Shelby Systems.

List Out The Top Features of Shelby Systems.

Manage Accounting
Shelby Systems provides maximum features for maintaining accounts. All the donation collection is recorded precisely with Shelby Systems.

Donation Tracking
Shelby Systems track real-time donations and maintain their details in the software system.

Online Giving
Shelby Systems offers multiple payment modes such as ACH, Debit/Credit Cards, Online forms, and some popular Visa Cards.

What Are The Benefits of Using Shelby Systems?

Mobile Giving
Shelby Systems provides an android and apple compatible mobile app for your organization to offer several services and payment modes.

Report Automation
Shelby Systems generates automatic reports of all the transactions and donations collected.

Recurring Giving
Your donor can do recurring donations with the Shelby Systems services.

Explain The Price Structure

Shelby Systems price plans vary as per the volume of an organization.

Shelby Systems’ price starts at $59/month including processing and security fees.

You can contact Shelby Systems for detailed information on prices offered.

How To Contact Shelby Systems?

You can go through Shelby Systems’s website and show your interest by filling out an inquiry form.

You can check all the services and offers on Shelby Systems’s website and call them at the contact number mentioned.

3. Eleo

Eleo is an online donor management software designed to manage donor data and record each donation of churches, nonprofits, and charity organizations.

What Do You Like The Most About Eleo?

Eleo gives a donor database system for the complete management of your organization.

Multiple management services are the most likable part of Eleo.

In one platform, Eleo offers donation management, team member management, and event management.

List Out The Top Features of Eleo.

Donor Database
Eleo offers CRM for donor databases and contact management where they record all the contact details for communication.

Event Management
Eleo provides a complete event management system, from which an organization can organize events, sell tickets, and send notifications for events.

Web Forms & Donation Pages
Eleos generates web forms and donation pages for improvising fundraising efforts. So, the organization gets more donations.

What Are The Benefits of Using Eleo?

Volunteer Management
With the help of Eleo, you can manage all the volunteer data of your organization.

Customizable Dashboard
Eleo provides a custom dashboard for nonprofit fundraisings, You can customize your dashboard detail as per your requirements.

Data Security & Back Up
Eleo keeps your data and information private and secure with flexible access to your database.

Explain The Price Structure

Eleo price plans vary as per the features included. 

Eleo donor management software price starts at $39/month for up to 2500 donor records.

You can check more price plans on the website.

How To Contact Eleo?

You can contact Eleo through their website link. 

You will find a contact number, email address, and inquiry form to contact directly.

4. Givelify

Givelify donor management software manages all the donations for your organization and maintains consistency with your donors.

What Do You Like The Most About Givelify?

Givelify fundraising features are helping you to maintain relationships with your donors that lead to recurring and more donations.

Givelify says they know the insight psychology of giving. That’s why they will serve the most consistent and generous repeat givers.

Let’s see insights into the features and benefits of Givelify.

List Out The Top Features of Givelify.

Givelify made online giving easy in very simple and short steps.

Givelify Integrate with your existing software to maintain your workflow.

Donor Management
Givelify manages all the donor and donation information in the donor database to ease your donor management.

What Are The Benefits of Using Givelify?

Donor Engagement
Givelify engages your donors by providing free-to-use tools to your donors and staying connected through messages.

Real Time Data
Givelify tracks real-time donation data for your organization.

Easier Reporting
Givelify makes it easy to understand with reporting, you will get the fastest end-of-year reporting.

Explain The Price Structure

Givelify does not charge monthly or offer unlimited donations in monthly plans like DonorKite. 

Givelify charges Low 2.9% + $0.30 per donation. 

You can inquire through the website for more insights into the prices.

How To Contact Givelify?

Contact the Givelify team from the “Organization Sign Up” option on the website.

You can create your account on Givelify and sign in whenever you want.

5. BasicFunder

BasicFunder donor management software provides tools and technology to perform creative fundraising and maintain donor relationships.

What Do You Like The Most About BasicFunder?

BasicFunders’ point of view is clear, they emphasize on fundraising and relationship management.

Your organization can get facilities to record donor information and tools to communicate consistently with donors.

List Out The Top Features of BasicFunder.

Accounting Integration
BasicFunder provides integration facilities with accounting software, All the received donation data is recorded and maintained on accounts.

Online Giving
The online giving option from BasicFunder simplifies the payment process for donors.

Enhance Fundraising
BasicFunder tools and technology enhance fundraising efforts and result in creative fundraising.

What Are The Benefits of Using BasicFunder?

Maintain Relationship With Donor
BasicFunder cultivates the donor relationship, which helps in increasing recurring donations.

Receipt Management
BasicFunder tools generate receipt of donations to maintain the record for the organization and donors.

Easy Payment
Simple payment ways for online donation make it convenient for donors to donate easily which encourages them to donate again.

Explain The Price Structure

BasicFunder offers two different price plans according to features offered;

  1. BasicFunder Premier (Starts from $399 per nonprofit agency)
  2. BasicFunder Lite (Starts from $249 per nonprofit agency)

For more price info, you can contact the BasicFunder team.

How To Contact BasicFunder?

BasicFunder provided the toll-free number and email address on the website, you can contact them through the surfing website.

Let’s see the best after comparing all five donor management software.

Comparison Among This Top 5 Donor Management Software

All these listed donor management software are good at their own level and features offered.

Still, after comparing features and charges, we have concluded that DonorKite is a compatible and profit-making donor management software.

DonorKite provides a wide range of features including customization facilities worldwide.

If you find your compatible feature range and benefits in other software from the list, then you can pick any as per your nonprofit organization’s needs.


We have seen in-detail descriptions of features, benefits, and complete insights of top 5 donor management software solutions in canada.

All conclude as a best donor management service provider with their unique features.

Donor management software is not a burden to purchase, it’s a software specially designed to overcome the management burden.

Every feature of top donor management software says that they will help you to manage donors, track donors, manage team members, provide online payment solutions, enhance fundraising efforts, manage accounts, streamline administration, and so on.

As a growing and large nonprofit or charity organization, you must try donor management software for keeping donation records and building trust among donors.

Automated features such as receipt generation, receipt sending, SMS sending make management super convenient. 

Among the top 5 listed donor management software, DonorKite proved the best service provider for nonprofits in Canada as well as in any other country of the world. 

The main advantage of choosing DonorKite is it provides customization facilities at an affordable price.

Overall, It’s a good idea to try donor management software for your nonprofit organization. You may not regret anything with supporting tools.

We recommend you update your organization from old paperwork data records to modern solutions like donor management software.

Have a Great Donor Management Software Experience Ahead!!

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