List of Top 3 Online Donation Software To Help Nonprofits

List of Top 3 Online Donation Software To Help Nonprofits

As a Nonprofit business holder, you know how important and difficult it is to manage records of the number of donations. All time you can not keep an eye on each and every donation by yourself. You need a solution to remove your workload so you can focus on the causes of nonprofits. The answer to all these queries is online donation software specifically designed for nonprofits. 

We know that needs change from organization to organization, that’s why we have listed out the top 3 online donation management software that offers a range of features to streamline donation management. 

If you are looking for any donation management software, then this blog post will help you a lot in choosing the right software with great features for your nonprofit organization.

What Do You Mean By Online Donation Software?

To understand donation software is not a big deal, and that’s a speciality of donation software. Because the main purpose of online donation software is to make understandable and seamless management of donation data. 

Online donation software is a platform where you can gather all your collected donations in a proper sequence and manner. Donation software will simplify your data and as well as record it. And enables nonprofit organizations to access it. 

The core working of online donation management software is tracking and managing donations data. With these services, a software can generate reports, receipts, and offer online mode of payments to the donor. Nonprofits can increase their fundraising efforts with the help of online donation management software. 

Online donation software is not limited to nonprofits only, in fact, churches, charities, universities, and all the organizations that collect donations for the community can utilize the donation software for the management of donation data.

How Donation Software Can Help Nonprofits?

Donation Software also known as Donor/Donation Management Software can help nonprofits in several ways, such as:

  • Made seamless management of donation data
  • Keep donors’ information
  • Save your time
  • Made easy transaction
  • Record transactions’ detail
  • Offers various payment modes
  • Generate reports
  • Helps in a analysis of donors’ behaviour
  • Offers  tools to communicate with donors
  • Maintain good relationship with donors
  • Keep one-time as well as recurring donations
  • Helps in a fundraising campaigns
  • Manage accounting
  • Manage administration
  • Make conveniency for accessing donors’ data

Like this, online donation management software helps nonprofits in various ways. Let’s find out the best and top 3 online donation management software for nonprofits.

List of Top 3 Online Donation Software

  1. DonorKite
  2. Raklet
  3. keela
  1. DonorKite

DonorKite is exactly like your friend, that friend who always manages your issues. This Nonprofit software does the same. It will save you from messing up with the number of donations.

DonorKite provides a free trial before purchasing, which builds trust among nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits can try this software for some days, if they like it and find comfort with it, then they have to spend money which is completely affordable for any reputed nonprofit organization.

Features and Services provided by Donorkite:

  • You can manage and access unlimited donations and donor data with DonorKite.
  • To empower donations in the country, DonorKite will add as many donors in the system for numerous donations.
  • You can edit your team members’ data with DonorKite.
  • You can track and generate reports as well for donations.
  • You can communicate and be able to maintain good relationships with donors, which may lead to recurring donations.
  • DonorKite integrates with any third-party software and payment platform.
  • Various payment methods are available for the donor’s convenience.
  • DonorKite enables nonprofits to generate automated tax receipts.
  • Helps a lot in fundraising campaigns.
  1. Raklet

Raklet is a membership management and engagement platform that empowers organizations to build and manage their communities, and the same they do for nonprofit organizations. With their features and services, Raklet helps organizations to streamline their membership processes, engage with members, and grow their communities.

Let’s explore some of the key features and services of Raklet:

  • Raklet provides an easy-to-use membership management system that allows organizations to manage their membership data in one place. Nonprofits can manage their donors’ data like this.
  • Raklet offers fundraising tools that help organizations to raise funds from their members and supporters. Organizations can create donation pages, crowdfunding campaigns, and recurring donations to support their causes.
  • As well as communication tools are provided to nonprofit organizations to engage with their donors.
  • Raklet also offers a mobile app version of itself.
  • It has integration features that integrate with third-party tools, including payment gateways, CRM systems, and email marketing platforms. 
  1. keela

Keela is a cloud-based nonprofit management software that aims to streamline operations for small and medium-sized nonprofits. With their features and services, Keela offers a solution for nonprofits looking to manage their day-to-day operations more efficiently.

Here are some of the key features and services that Keela offers:

  • Keela offers a donor management system that allows nonprofits to track and manage their donors effectively.
  • Fundraising tools provided by keela help nonprofits for increasing their donations.
  • With Keela, nonprofits can automate their receipt generation process.
  • With donor management, Keela also offers a volunteer management system that enables nonprofits to track and manage their volunteers.
  • Keela integrates with other software tools, including payment processors and accounting software.

Our Recommendation?

We feel glad to recommend DonorKite for you. Because it is very affordable and easy to understand software with a range of features and services. As well as it has a great customer support which helps you throughout the journey of donation management software.


Overall, Investing in online donation management software is very helpful to nonprofit organizations. Due to a wide range of features, a lot of burden and complexity of managing bulk donations with donor’s data get simplified. With seamless management, the software can help to raise funds with the latest tools and technology. Undoubtedly, a nonprofit organization can work more productively with online donation management software rather than without using it. 

We wish you a happy journey with online donation management software. Match your requirement and budget with the software suggested, then start easy management with the software.

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