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DonorKite - Comprehensive Donation Software for your requirement's

Not all donation tracking and management requirements are equal. We empower you with the right set of solutions to accomplish your goals in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible so you can deliver maximum impact.


Non-Profits Organization

We empower your cause by providing the right solutions for your nonprofit to manage donations effectively.

Church Organization

Track all donations and share acknowledgement receipts for donors with a single solution for your Church.

Charity Organization

Charity should be seamless to be effective which is why we help charity organizations offer wide range of avenues to contribute.

DonorKite Donation Management Software features

Choose the perfect set of features that help you accomplish donation management easily.

Unlimited Contributors

We encourage nonprofits to gather as many resources as possible with unlimited number of contributions that can each be tracked.

Unlimited Donation

We believe that there should not be any limits on how much help a cause requires. That’s why we ensure that there are no limits on donation.

Generate Report

Timely reports not only share the current performance, but also provide insights into potential future trends and decision-making.

Manage Team

Your team of supporters and volunteers can also be assigned specific roles that you can manage from a single dashboard for maximum efficiency.

Manage Multiple Organization

When working with multiple organizations that represent various causes, we help you streamline their management independently from a single point for seamless management.

Online Donation Tool

We make it easier for donors to contribute even online with integration of tools such as Paypal, 2Checkout, and many more.

Need more features? We also offer Customize Software Solutions for our customer with their needs. 

What our clients' say about DonorKite

“I found DonorKite surprisingly intuitive, without being overwhelming. We were not sure how technology can help us, but the DonorKite team is a really passionate bunch who worked really hard to ensure that our cause would find the required solutions and make it easy for us for the future. I cannot thank them enough.”


“Strong relationships are crucial for modern fundraising. DonorKite is fundamental to how you initiate and maintain these relationships for maximising the value to your cause.”


“We use DonorKite regularly, and all our donors and ambassadors really love how easy it makes it easy for them to contribute to causes they are passionate about. It is not about just collating donor information, but how you can leverage that data for building better relationships for the long-term.”


Get ready to discover all the benefits and secrets of our amazing software

DonorKite is designed to empower you to maximize donation collection, provide acknowledgement, and track each donation to help your organization maintain records and gain insights for better decision-making.

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