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Take Your Fundraising to New Heights with DonorKite: The Ultimate Donation Management Software for Non-Profits

DonorKite is the ultimate donation management software for non-profit organizations looking to maximize their impact and streamline their fundraising efforts. Our all-in-one solution includes powerful tools for donor management, online donations, and campaign tracking, making it easy for you to manage your donations and track your progress in real-time. Whether you're a small non-profit just starting out or a large organization with a complex fundraising strategy, DonorKite has the features and flexibility you need to succeed.

With DonorKite, you can engage with donors more effectively, increase your online presence, and raise more money than ever before. Our user-friendly interface and expert support team make it easy to get started and achieve success, no matter what your experience level or technical expertise. Plus, our software is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows, so you can get up and running quickly and easily. Choose DonorKite and take your fundraising to new heights today!

Streamline Your Donations with Innovative Software Solutions

Choose the perfect set of features that help you accomplish donation management easily.

Accept Donation Online
DonorKite provides a secure and convenient online platform for donors to make donations via a website or mobile device.
Create Multiple Campaigns
Your organization can manage multiple campaigns with DonorKite, customize them, and track their progress and success.
Manage Donors & Donations
Donor and donation information can be organized, stored, and analyzed with DonorKite's comprehensive platform.
Automated/Manual Receipt Notification
Donors can receive automated or manually generated receipts immediately or scheduled for a later date.
Donor Control Panel
Donors have access to a personalized control panel where they can manage their donation information, contact details, and recurring donations.
Payment Gateway Integration
DonorKite integrates with various payment gateways to ensure a smooth and secure donation process for donors. Your organization can choose the best option.

Experience the Benefits of Our Donation Software

Choose the perfect set of features that help you accomplish donation management easily.

Donation Box

Create Multiple Campaigns

With DonorKite, your organization can create and manage multiple campaigns simultaneously.
Campaigns can be customized to reflect specific causes or events.
Your organization can track the progress and success of each campaign.

Manage Donors & Donations

DonorKite offers a comprehensive platform for managing donor and donation information.
Your organization can store and organize donor data for future reference.
Donation data can be analyzed to understand donor behavior and campaign performance.

Automated/Manual Receipt Notification

DonorKite provides an automated receipt notification system for donors.
Receipts can be sent out immediately or scheduled for a later date.
The system also allows for manual receipt generation if needed.

Dedicated Donor Control Panel

DonorKite offers a user-friendly control panel for donors to manage their donation information.
Donors can view their donation history, update their contact information, and manage recurring donations.
The control panel provides a personalized experience for donors.

Simple pricing, for everyone.

We believe that there should not be any limits on how much help a cause requires. That’s why we ensure that there are no limits on donation.

Standard Pricing


Per Year / Organization

Unlimited Donors & Donation
Unlimited Team Member & Generate Report
Donor Portal Access
Future Software Features Upgrades
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

What are the payment options for donation?
We provide multiple online donations accepting payment gateways. You can integrate with Paypal, Stripe and 2Checkout.
Does the donor get tax receipts?
Why not? Yes, the donor will get tax receipts for each donation and our software will offer the receipt-sending option through email, with one click!!
Is it possible to import my donor/donation history from a different system?
Yes, DonorKite is feasible to import data from another system. You can import a whole donation history from different devices.
Can I get an annual subscription instead of a monthly plan?
Yes, of course.

We provide annual subscription plans (No Hidden Charges) with the benefits of accessing unlimited donations.

In fact, our annual plan is more profitable for you. You can save up to $90 by purchasing an annual subscription. Please check
I am not a nonprofit. Can I use DonorKite?
Yes, of course.

DonorKite is a donation management software. Anybody who wants to manage their donation data can use DonorKite.

Generally, it is used by Nonprofits, Churches, Charities, Universities, Schools, Politicians, and so on.

As well as DonorKite is providing customization services to customers. So, we can customize the software as per your requirements.

Contact us, For more queries.
In which countries DonorKite is accessible?
Don’t worry! Our services are not limited to any country. We are globally available.

Also, we customize the product as per your needs throughout the country. Contact us to know more!!
What browsers are supported?
You can easily use any latest or updated browsers for DonorKite. Browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, IE 11+, and many more are supported.
Will you charge any hidden fees?
No. This is the best advantage of using DonorKite. We do not charge any hidden fees. You have to pay only the subscription fee as per the plan you choose.
Does the DonorKite subscription is limited to a number of donations?
Nope. It is not limited.

We provide an unlimited donation access service to you. We believe that there should be no restrictions on how much assistance a cause can receive.
Is it safe to use in terms of data leaks?
Yes, completely.

We respect your privacy. Your data is completely safe with us. We provide a DonorKite with highly secure technology. You can securely access your donors' data and keep donation records.

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