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DonorKite - the leading political donor database has been designed after a lot of research and with expert insights to address all the issues. The simple interface of this political donation platform is so simple that anybody can get started almost instantly. In case you require extra guidance, you can choose a comprehensive training session where you will learn about the extensive features and how to make the best use of them. With unlimited donations and unlimited donor entries, there are no limits to the number of funds you can raise, and manage all the data securely in a cloud server built with the latest security features. It is a single, unified solution to store and manage all donation data which you can share with the relevant stakeholders by providing them access as per your organization hierarchy.

When raising funds, if donors are inconvenienced, there is a real possibility that they will lose interest or postpone their commitment. But with DonorKite - Political Fundraising Software, you enable them to contribute seamlessly through online tools, or in a face-to-face meeting, you can enter the data within a few seconds which is stored securely in the cloud. You can also issue an immediate acknowledgment to the contributors, so they are assured about their donation. All the data is stored in the backend of this Political Fundraising Platform automatically so your team can access real-time data to analyze and gain insights that guide future efforts.

No matter where you are, DonorKite - Political Donor Database can be customized as per your usage and compliance requirements quickly. Just get in touch with us, and we will be happy to show you the immense benefits of our donation management tools in accelerating your impact.

Manage Your Donations With the Advanced Political Donor Database Features

Experience the perfect set of features in a political donation platform to improve donation management and fundraising efforts.

Accept Online Donations

DonorKite helps you to create a branded web page for your donors to simplified online giving. So they can easily donate online, just by clicking a button. This simplification will motivate your donors for recurring donations.

Dedicated Donor Control Panel

Donors can have their individual login to a panel where they can see their donation history, manage recurring donations, update their payment information, and download donation receipt anytime.

Keeping Track of Donors

With DonorKite, you can track & keep unlimited donors’ profiles and their donations information in an organized manner. It helps remember who's supporting the cause, what they like, and how they help.

Payment Gateway Integration

DonorKite can easily integrate with secure payment gateway like Paypal and more. If you have any other payment gateway integration requirement, then we will customize it for you.

Automated/Manual Receipt

Your donors will receive automatically generated receipts after every online donation through email. Also, you can manually generate donation receipts in DonorKite software for offline donations anytime.

Reports and Numbers

This Reporting feature of DonorKite will help to create reports that tell how well fundraising is going and what's working best. So you can take necessary actions & update for your next fundraising effort.

Experience the Benefits of Our Political Fundraising Software

Choose the best set of features that help you accomplish the political donor database easily.

Manage Donors & Donations

Automated/Manual Receipt Notification

Dedicated Donor Control Panel

DonorKite – Your Premier Political Fundraising Software Solution

DonorKite offers the ultimate suite of tools for political fundraising, empowering campaigns and organizations to efficiently manage their donor relationships, streamline contributions, and maximize their impact. As the leading political fundraising software, we understand the unique needs of political campaigns and provide tailored solutions to help you succeed.

Benefits of Using DonorKite – Political Fundraising Platform

Comprehensive Political Donor Database

DonorKite – political fundraising software provides a robust and secure database to store all your donor information in one centralized location. Easily track donor history, preferences, and engagement levels to personalize your outreach efforts and build stronger relationships.

Effortless Political Donation Platform

With DonorKite – political fundraising software, accepting donations has never been easier. Our intuitive platform allows supporters to contribute online securely and conveniently. Whether it’s one-time donations, recurring contributions, or fundraising events, DonorKite ensures a seamless donation process for both donors and campaign administrators.

Advanced Political Fundraising Platforms 

DonorKite – a political donation platform that equips you with advanced fundraising tools to amplify your campaign’s reach and effectiveness. From email marketing campaigns and social media integration to peer-to-peer fundraising and donor segmentation, our platform provides everything you need to optimize your fundraising efforts.

Customizable Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your campaign’s performance with DonorKite’s customizable reporting and analytics features. Track donation trends, measure campaign ROI, and identify areas for improvement to drive better decision-making and achieve your fundraising goals.

Secure and Compliant

We understand the importance of data security and compliance in political fundraising. DonorKite – Political Donation Management Software adheres to the highest security standards and regulatory requirements to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your donor data.

DonorKite – Political Donation Management Software is trusted by political campaigns, advocacy groups, and nonprofit organizations across the country to power their fundraising efforts and make a difference. 

Join the thousands of satisfied users who rely on DonorKite as their preferred political fundraising software solution. Get started today and take your campaign to new heights with DonorKite!

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I have worked closely with nonprofit organizations. That's why I was aware of all the operational hurdles of nonprofit organizations due to numerous donations. In the form of DonorKite - the fundraising and donation management software, our team tried to help organizations with seamless donation management and collection.

We empower nonprofit organizations, catalyzing positive change worldwide.

Mitul Patel
Director, DonorKite


We provide multiple online donations accepting payment gateways. You can integrate with Paypal, Stripe and 2Checkout.

Why not? Yes, the donor will get tax receipts for each donation and our software will offer the receipt-sending option through email, with one click!!

Yes, DonorKite is feasible to import data from another system. You can import a whole donation history from different devices.

Yes, of course.
We provide annual subscription plans (No Hidden Charges) with the benefits of accessing unlimited donations.
In fact, our annual plan is more profitable for you. You can save up to $90 by purchasing an annual subscription. Please check https://www.donorkite.com/pricing/.

Yes, of course.
DonorKite is a donation management software. Anybody who wants to manage their donation data can use DonorKite.
Generally, it is used by Nonprofits, Churches, Charities, Universities, Schools, Politicians, and so on.
As well as DonorKite is providing customization services to customers. So, we can customize the software as per your requirements.
Contact us, For more queries.

Don’t worry! Our services are not limited to any country. We are globally available. Also, we customize the product as per your needs throughout the country. Contact us to know more!!

You can easily use any latest or updated browsers for DonorKite. Browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, IE 11+, and many more are supported.

No. This is the best advantage of using DonorKite. We do not charge any hidden fees. You have to pay only the subscription fee as per the plan you choose.

Nope. It is not limited.
We provide an unlimited donation access service to you. We believe that there should be no restrictions on how much assistance a cause can receive.

Yes, completely.
We respect your privacy. Your data is completely safe with us. We provide a DonorKite with highly secure technology. You can securely access your donors' data and keep donation records.

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