Donation Database Software: Top 5 Picks for Charities & Alike

“Every organization needs management for its accounts, administration, and team members. Similarly, philanthropic organizations need the same for donation management. Thus, donation database software is the online solution for managing a bulk of donations and their donors’ information. 

We will learn all the important insights of donation database software in this article.

Possibly, you have been tired from paperwork or excel sheet work for managing your valuable data records.

May you belong to any nonprofits, churches, or charity organizations and currently looking for a fingertip solution for donation data management.

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In this article, We will explain all the aspects of donation database software. What is it? Why is it needed? What to look for? Who provides it?, and What does it charge? 

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Know everything about donation database software with the details of the top 5 donation databases. 

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What Is Donation Database Software?

The term ‘Database’ refers to a large amount of data stored in a computer system. 

That means, ‘Donation Database’ explains the storing of bulk donation data in a digital form. 

The software that is particularly designed to overcome the stress of philanthropic organizations by helping in tracking donations, donor management, fundraising activities, online payment gateways, and many more is known as ‘Donation Database Software.’

In short, Donation Database Software or Charity Donation Software is an online solution for a comprehensive donation management.

It’s simplified and streamline the accounting, administration, and donation management.

Donation Database Software also helps in maintaining a good relationship with donors. 

We will see detailed information regarding all these features in this article.

Donation Database Software can be chargeable and freely available also, as per the features and overall services offered by donation database software provider.

Let’s see the need for donation database software!!

Why Is Donation Database Software Needed?

Donation Database software automates the complete system of running your nonprofit, church, or charity organization.

So, You can feel relaxed about your online transactions, finances, expenses, team management, donor information, and donation records.

Non Profit Donation Software also appreciates your fundraising efforts that help you run your fundraising campaign online, which leads to reaching more people.

To streamline donation management and to stay connected with your donor consistently, you need donation database software.

If you are a large nonprofit/church/charity organization, then it is worth investing in donation database software. 

And, If you belong to any small nonprofit/church/charity organization, then it will help you in making big by raising money and managing all that donations.

Think about it!!! 

May you need one donation database software to run your organization worry-free!!

What To Look For Donation Database Software?

If you are spending money on something then it has to increase your work efficiency.  

As a nonprofit professional, you have to expect the same from donation database software. 

Donation database software should be able to decrease your management load, so you can focus more on the causes you are working for. 

For this, You have to keep in mind some key points listed below while choosing any donation database software:

Strong Supporter Profiles:

Manage information about your supporters and donors, such as their personal identity details, gifts, volunteer hours, sponsorships, grants, and more, by using strong supporter profiles.

Make sure to have consistent support and good relationships with your supporters through continuous interaction.


Get the assurance of scalability from your donor database software. It will scale up or scale down as per the organization’s needs.

With scalability, you can continue the same database software when your needs change.

You don’t have to switch the software for additional records and new functionality.

Online Giving:

A strong and reliable online payment gateway option must be available for donors from donation database software services.

Database software can track donors’ information while donation occurs and also the capability of updating existing information if required.

Different Segments:

Different segments help you to reach your donor more effectively. 

For example, if somebody wants to help homeless people and somebody wants to help street animals.

This information will help you a lot in communicating effectively with donors to convince them of their interest.

Aim Achievement:

Reports are mandatory to analyze whether a nonprofit is working accurately for its causes or they need to update its path. 

With donation database software, you have to analyze your progress after comparison with the previous year’s fundraising data, So you can achieve your aim in a faster time.

Series of Features:

Multiple features will reduce your workload more effectively. With donation tracking and donor record, it should offer some mandatory basic features such as a receipt generator, communication tools, report generator, volunteer management, finance management, and many more. 

All this helps you to work more productively for your causes.

Fundraising Solutions:

You can’t ignore fundraising activities as a working nonprofit organization. Fundraising is a key to running nonprofits and helping the community with the donations collected. 

Your Church Donation Software must appreciate your fundraising efforts and help in running an active fundraising campaign.

Comprehensive Management:

All the distinct management should be offered by the donation database software.

That is, a good donation database software can do donation management, team members’ management, account management, administration management, and donor information record management.

Contact Database:

A good relationship and constant communication are essential for new and recurring donations. 

Contact information of donors such as contact number, and email address should be kept in donation database records.

Which can be used by nonprofit organizations for sending event updates, thank you texts, fundraising campaign details, and many more.

Cost Criteria:

Cost Criteria is important to note down because sometimes the less expensive donation database software should not offer much features and that’s not a beneficial deal for your nonprofit organization’s progress.

So, first you have to identify your major requirements, then you have to verify and research regarding budget-friendly donation database software service providers.

Compare the features offered and price plans, then grab the best deal for donation database software.

Top 5 Donation Database Software: Ideal for Nonprofits, Churches & Charities

Here, check out the list of highly recommended donation database software for nonprofits, churches, and charity organizations:

  1. DonorKite
  2. EinNel EDOM
  3. RhinoNP
  4. GivingTools
  5. CharityEngine

1. DonorKite


DonorKite is not about only being a donation database software, it’s a trustworthy partner for your donation journey. 

It offers offers multiple features to streamline your donation management and keep your donors’ information in a secure database. 

Let’s see the series of features offered by DonorKite.

What Are The Key Features?

  • Manage Donor Database
    This software creates a donor database to record the donor’s profile information such as the donor name and their donation history.
  • Track Donations
    Accurate date and time of donation, amount of donation, and donor’s information is recorded in the donation database of DonorKite.
  • Contact Database
    The contact database of DonorKite stores the contact information of donors like contact numbers and email addresses.
  • Online Payment Gateway
    DonorKite allows integration with multiple online payment gateways for accepting donations such as Paypal, 2CheckOut, and Stripe.
  • Generate Reports
    The Software Generates reports on past donation history, so nonprofits can analyze the donor’s behavior and plan a fundraising activity accordingly.
  • Analyze Progress
    Through fundraising reports of previous year’s databases, nonprofits can analyze the progress in the path of achieving their aim.
  • Integration Feasibility
    DonorKite allows third-party software integrations to maintain workflow.
  • Also, DonorKite will integrate with the existing software of nonprofit/church/charity organizations.
  • Integration With Website
    To track the donation collected from the website, DonorKite integrates with your organization’s website.
  • Features Customization
    Possibly, different types of philanthropic organizations in different countries require different features. DonorKite offers complete customization as per the organization’s needs.
  • Generate Receipts
    Automated receipt generation is the best feature ever, DonorKite avails the automatically generated receipts right after the donation is received, and then gives an automatic option to send receipts through email.\
  • Multiple Organization Management
    If your nonprofit is working and sponsored by multiple organizations, the DonorKite helps you to manage all the supportive organizations in one common platform.
  • Enhance Fundraising Campaigns
    DonorKite will assist you to raise more money for your causes. It will provide fundraising tools and technology to run fundraising campaigns effectively.

Now, understand the bunch of benefits offered by DonorKite.

List Out The Top Benefits:

  • Provide User-Friendly Interface
    DonorKite provides a user-friendly interface that increases the usability of nonprofits.
  • Easy Navigation
    Any nonprofit professional can easily navigate through the software and understand the information shown by the database.
  • Save Your Time
    By streamlining your donation, donor, team member, accounting, and administration management DonorKite will save a lot of time so you can focus more on your causes.
  • Donor Dashboard
    DonorKite’s donor dashboard provides all the required information regarding donors and donations in a row and column form.
  • Streamline Management
    DonorKite completely streamlines the management of donation data in the database.
  • Team Member Management
    DonorKite also manages the team member’s details and work allotment. You can add, remove, or edit the team member’s data in donation database software.
  • Increase Work Productivity
    As the donation database of DonorKite overcomes your management stress, you can focus more on work productivity.
  • Build Trust And Transparency
    By sharing donation records and tax receipts, DonorKite builds trust and creates transparency between nonprofits and donors/supporters.
  • Maintain Relationship With Donor
    With consistent communication, DonorKite helps you to maintain good relationships with donors.
  • Import/Export Data Availability
    DonorKite provides the Data Import/Export facilities from another system whenever you want to update the older DonorKite database.
  • Future Scalability
    The current purchased plan of DonorKite includes future upgradation as per the nonprofit’s needs.
  • Allow Recurring Donations
    DonorKite donation database accepts one-time as well as recurring donations.
  • Allow Customize Forms
    If a nonprofit wants to customize the registration form, then DonorKite allows the creation of customization forms.
  • Send Receipts Automatically
    DonorKite provides an automatic button for sending receipts automatically through emails.

Here, have a look at the exciting price plans available at DonorKite.

What Are The Price Plans?

DonorKite has the best plans for you. 

In fact, It provides a Free Trial for 30 days, so you can understand the software and get used to it before investing any money in this.

DonorKite’s basic price starts from $49 per month.

But, the DonorKite team understands your concerns, that’s why as per the features and customization subscription price may vary and will be negotiable also.

Ideal For Which Organizations?

The DonorKite donation database is suitable for every organization that collects donations for the community.

DonorKite will customize as per the distinct needs of an organization.

DonorKite donation database is used by;

  • Nonprofits
  • Churches
  • Charities
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Politicians
  • Medical feilds, and many more.

After our research, we must say that DonorKite is a good option to pick for a donation database.

2. EinNel EDOM


EinNel EDOM is a donation database tool that has more emphasis on donor relationship management and fundraising efforts. 

Let’s see the range of features provided by EinNel EDOM.

What Are The Key Features?

Key Features
  • Donor Management
    EinNel EDOM adds and maintains the details of family members and organization members.
  • Event Management
    EinNel EDOM creates online events for targeted audiences and specified regions.
  • Task Management
    For your organization’s team members, EinNel EDOM allots and delegates the tasks.
  • Conduct Campaigns
    EinNel EDOM conducts online campaigns for fundraisings. Now, go through the benefits provided by EinNel EDOM.

List Out The Top Benefits:

  • Maintain Communication
    EinNel EDOM’s communication tools and technology send emails and messages easily.
  • Generates Quick Reports
    EinNel EDOM downloads all the customized reports for your organization.
  • Manage Receipts
    You can share online receipts through email or sms with EinNel EDOM.

What Are The Price Plans?

EinNel EDOM also provides a free trial like the DonorKite donation database.

EinNel EDOM offers three different plans;

  1. Beginner Plan (Allows Database Up to 10K Donor Information) Starts from $305 for 30 Months.
  2. Standard Plan (Allows Database Up to 50K Donor Information) Starts from $427 for 30 Months.
  3. Premium Plan (Allows Database for Unlimited Donor Information) Starts from $549 for 30 Months.

To know more regarding pricing, you have to contact EinNel EDOM from their website.

Ideal For Which Organizations?

EinNel EDOM donation database is ideal for Nonprofit and Charity Organizations.

3. RhinoNP

RhinoNP - donation database software

RhinoNP donation database is designed for improving fundraising efforts and donation management.

Let’s see the range of features provided by RhinoNP.

What Are The Key Features?

Key Features
  • Donor Management
    RhinoNP records and tracks the donor and donation information in a database.
  • Automatic Giving
    Accept donations from online platforms and credit card donations also.
  • Automate Fundraising Campaigns
    For fundraising automation, RhinoNP creates triggered event-based automated messages, emails, and contribution receipts. Now, go through the benefits provided by RhinoNP.

List Out The Top Benefits:

  • Make Donation Forms
    RhinoNP creates donation forms as per the organization’s need.
  • Allow Web Integration
    RhinoNP provides integration facilities with the web.
  • Manage Events
    RhinoNP manages events by sending automatic emails, tickets, and updates.

What Are The Price Plans?

Price of RhinoNP starts from $45 per month with limited users.

To know more regarding pricing, you have to contact RhinoNP from their website.

Ideal For Which Organizations?

RhinoNP donation database is ideally designed for Charity Organizations.

Some Nonprofit organizations can also use RhinoNP donation database software.

4. GivingTools

GivingTools - donation database software

GivingTools donation database offers a range of features for donation management, fundraising campaigns, and event management.

Let’s see the range of features provided by GivingTools.

What Are The Key Features?

GivingTools Key Features
  • Donation Management
    GivingTools Keeps a track of donations and donor information in the donation database.
  • Event Management
    GivingTools manages the event by sustaining support and sailing tickets online.
  • Flexible Payment Options
    GivingTools provides flexible online payment options such as Stripe, Paypal, and Card Connect. Now, go through the benefits provided by GivingTools.

List Out The Top Benefits:

  • Enhance Fundraisings
    Conducting online fundraising campaigns GivingTools is enhancing the fundraising activity of a nonprofit.
  • Sale Tickets
    GivingTools provides the technology to sell event tickets online for better event management.
  • Provide Good Manager Experience
    GivingTools provides progressive reports of team members and donations collected for analysis.

What Are The Price Plans?

The price of GivingTools starts from $15 per month with different card processing fees as per the plan chosen.

GivingTools offers three different price plans.

  1. Flex
  2. Standard
  3. Value

To know more regarding pricing, you have to contact GivingTools from their website.

Ideal For Which Organizations?

GivingTools donation database is ideally designed for Nonprofits, Churches, and Charity Organizations.

5. CharityEngine

CharityEngine - donation database software

CharityEngine is a comprehensive CRM for donation management, donation tracking, Email marketing, etc.

Let’s see the range of features provided by CharityEngine.

What Are The Key Features?

CharityEngine Key Features - donation database software
  • Email Marketing
    CharityEngine Automates your email marketing and delivers a large volume of emails to targeted audiences.
  • Membership Management
    CharityEngine automates member communication and provides membership management features like reporting.
  • Reporting/Analytics
    CharityEngine provides customized reporting abilities, so you can analyze for planning the next steps.

Now, go through the benefits provided by CharityEngine.

List Out The Top Benefits:

  • Online Forms
    CharityEngine creates an advanced online donation form to raise more money.
  • Easy Payment Processing
    CharityEngine provides fast, secure, and easy PCI-certified payment processing technology.
  • Gift Giving
    Observing the donor behaviour, sending alerts to you and generating maximum revenue from major gift giving.

What Are The Price Plans?

Price of CharityEngine starts from $350 per month.

CharityEngine offers three different price plans.

  1. Standard
  2. Professional
  3. Enterprise

To know more regarding pricing, you have to contact CharityEngine from their website.

Ideal For Which Organizations?

CharityEngine donation database is ideally designed for Nonprofits, Churches, and Charity Organizations.

The Bottom Line

Overall, donation database software simplifies every issue regarding all kinds of organization management. 

Donation database software streamlines donation management, donation tracking, fundraising campaigns, reporting, online payments, receipt generating, event management, team member management, and many more.

You can choose any donation database software listed above. All are proven and very helpful as donation software for nonprofits, churches, and charity organizations.

Donation database software not only overcomes your management stress, in fact, but also increases your work productivity. 

You can reach a large number of people by raising donations through email marketing and consistent communication.

Donation database software also helps you to maintain a good relationship with your donors. That is an appreciable feature of donation database software.

We suggest DonorKite as the most preferable and trustable donation database software that easily fits your budget also.

Have a Marvellous Experience With Donation Database Software!!!

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