5 Free Donation Software Programs With Top Features

Welcome to the world of philanthropy and charitable giving! In this era of technology and digital connectivity, donating to a good cause has never been easier. Somehow, free donation software programs help a lot.

Thanks to the power of software programs designed for this purpose, individuals and organizations alike can now contribute to their favourite charities and non-profit organizations with just a few clicks.

If you’re looking to make a difference in the world, but you’re not sure where to start, you’re in luck!

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 5 free donation software programs with top features that will create a seamless, secure, and rewarding experience of donations.

From customizable donation pages to easy-to-use mobile apps, these programs are designed to make the process of giving as hassle-free as possible, while also ensuring that your donation reaches its intended destination.

So, let’s dive in and discover the best donation software programs available to help you make a difference today!

What is Donation Software Programs?

Donation software programs are specialized tools that help nonprofit organizations manage and process donations from donors.

These Non Profit Donation Software automate the process of receiving and processing donations, which can save time and effort for nonprofits and increase the efficiency of their fundraising efforts.

Donation software programs typically include features such as donation management, online donation forms, payment processing, donor management tools, and reporting and analytics. They may also include features for managing fundraising campaigns, events, and volunteers.

Some donation software programs are standalone applications, while others are integrated with other nonprofit management tools such as fundraising, membership management, and grant management software.

Overall, donation software programs can help nonprofits to streamline their donation processing, improve their fundraising efforts, and build stronger relationships with their donors.

Generally, donation software programs are ideal for nonprofits (of all sizes), churches, charities, universities, schools, politicians, and any organization who collects bulk donations.

This Charity Donation Software is available paid as well as free in the market. You can choose as per the requirement of your organization.

Is It Good To Choose Free Donation Software Programs Over Paid?

Choosing between free donation software programs and paid ones depends on your organization’s specific needs and budget. Both free and paid options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Free donation software programs, as the name suggests, do not require any payment for their use.

These programs can be a good option for smaller non-profit organizations that have limited resources and cannot afford to pay for expensive software.

They can be a good way to get started with accepting donations online and managing donor information.

However, free donation software programs may not have as many features as paid ones. They may also lack the level of customer support that paid software programs offer.

Additionally, some free donation software programs may not be as secure as paid ones, which can put your organization and your donors’ sensitive information at risk.

Paid donation management software programs generally have more features and are more robust than free ones.

They often offer more advanced fundraising tools and analytics, which can help organizations raise more money and track their progress more effectively.

Paid software programs also usually come with more customer support and training resources.

Ultimately, the decision between free and paid donation software programs depends on your organization’s needs and budget.

If you are just starting out and have limited resources, a free donation software program may be a good option.

But if you have a larger organization with more complex needs, a paid Donor Management Software Australia may be a better choice.

So, Let’s see the free donation software programs available online.

List of 5 Free Donation Software Programs

  1. DonorKite
  2. Trello
  3. RhinoNP
  4. Anedot
  5. Snowball Fundraising

1. DonorKite

DonorKite is a free donation software program available with advanced features. Everything at one platform strategy of DonorKite software puts it in first place among all.

It’s a comprehensive solution for nonprofit organizations because it provides donation management, donation tracking, email sending, multiple online payment gateways, donor management tools, fundraising technology, and many more.

Although this software program streamlines every operation and gives relief for all the management work of the organization.

Here, we have explained all the features and benefits of DonorKite in detail.

What Are The Features Offered By DonorKite?

These are the advanced features offered by DonorKite with the latest technology touch.

  • Track Unlimited Donation
    DonorKite offers a chance of collecting unlimited donations for good. It can manage unlimited donations in the database.
  • Manage Unlimited Donors
    Unlimited individual’s donor information such as donors’ names, donors’ contact numbers, and donors’ email addresses is recorded by DonorKite.
  • Volunteer Management
    You can manage volunteers’ data with DonorKite. It provides adding, removing, and editing volunteers’ information facility whenever you want.
  • Fundraising Technology
    Fundraising is very important to run any nonprofit organization. That’s why DonorKite provides fundraising tools to enhance multiple fundraising campaigns.
  • Report Generation
    To analyze and improve fundraising efforts, DonorKite generates reports on donation history.
  • Management of Multiple Organization
    Number of organisations are donating to nonprofits, and that’s why DonorKite gives a common platform to streamline multiple organization management.
  • Online Donation Payment Modes
    Moreover most people prefer online transactions, that’s why DonorKite provides safe and secure integration options with multiple payment gateways like Paypal and many more.
  • Generate Receipts
    Donation Receipts are for building trust and transparency between donors and nonprofit organizations.
    DonorKite generates the automated payment receipt that will be sent automatically through email immediately or at a scheduled time.
  • Integration Facilities
    DonorKite allows integration with third-party software and existing software of the nonprofit organization to maintain a proper workflow.
  • Customization Service
    DonorKite can customize the software features as per your nonprofit organization’s requirements.

What Are The Top Benefits?

DonorKite offers a bunch of benefits for nonprofit organizations, you should check on this!

  • User-friendly Interface
    DonorKite provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and understandable to anybody with normal software using skills.
  • Easy Navigation
    Secondly, anybody from the staff of nonprofit organisations can navigate easily in DonorKite software.
  • Free and Budget Friendly
    DonorKite provides a free trial at first and they do not charge any platform fee or any hidden fee. This will make DonorKite more budget friendly than any other donation software program.
  • Smart Donor Dashboard
    DonorKite provides a smart donor dashboard that contains donation data in an easy tabular form.
  • Import/Export Data
    You can easily import and export the data from another device with the help of DonorKite donation software program.
  • Communication
    DonorKite offers communication tools to maintain connection and good relationships with donors.
  • Automatic Notification and Receipt
    This donation program software provides automatic sending receipts and notification options.
  • Good Customer Support
    DonorKite will support you throughout the software journey and donor management.
  • Free Software Training and Guidance
    Furthermore, You don’t have to pay for any training or guidance, DonorKite will give complete guidance to your staff at zero cost.
  • World-wide Available
    Finally DonorKite services are not limited to any country, It is accessible globally, and you can take benefits from any location.

What Is The Price Plan?

As we said earlier, DonorKite is Free for demo trials.

You don’t have to pay anything, it offers a 30-day free trial for its customers.

In fact, there is no hidden fee or platform fee charged by DonorKite donation program software.

Prices get changed with customization services. The types of features you want, it charges accordingly.

Ideal For Which Organizations?

DonorKite is available globally for every country.

Furthermore, nonprofits, churches, charities, universities, schools, politicians, or any organization that collects bulk donations can use the DonorKite donation software program.

2. Trello

Trello is a donation program software that is mainly used to manage team members. It will bring all of your tasks, team members, and tools connected.

What Are The Features Offered By Trello?

The followings are the top benefits offered by Trello to its users:

  • Views
    You can view your team’s project from every angle and do proper analysis with Trello.
  • Automation
    Trello offers butler automation to automate operations and workflows.
  • Power-Ups
    Power up your team’s efficiency by linking their tools with Trello plugins instead of going anywhere else.
  • Templates
    And so forth, Get easy-to-use templates from industry leaders and the Trello community to achieve success with your team.
  • Integrations
    Integrate with the apps which are already in use by your team.

What Are The Top Benefits?

  • Easy Integration
    Firstly Trello offers the easiest integration service with all the apps and tools are in-use with your teammates.
  • Latest Tools and Technology
    All the internal tools and technology used by Trello donation software programs are very advanced.
  • Keep Connected With Your Team
    Trello connects the tools, team members, and all your tasks together with its latest technology.

What Is The Price Plan?

Trello offers 10 boards for free although The free plan has restrictions on features like power-ups and automation.

The Trello nonprofit discount entitles you to a discounted premium package.

1. Standard Plan ( $5 / per user / month )
2. Premium Plan ( $10 / per user / month )
3. Enterprise Plan ( $17.50 / per user / month )
4. Ideal For Which Organizations?

Three Paid Plans is offered by Trello:

Summing up All sizes of nonprofits can utilize Trello donation software programs for donation management.

3. RhinoNP

RhinoNP is a fundraising software nonprofits specifically designed for charity organizations. The tools and technology of this donation management software will help more in fundraising campaigns.

What Are The Features Offered By RhinoNP?

The followings are the top benefits offered by RhinoNP to its users:

  • Donation Forms
    RhinoNP Made advanced donation forms and registration forms to connect with new people.
  • Web Integration
    Simultaneously, this fundraising software integrates with your existing website and helps to add some new features.
  • Fundraising Campaigns
    You can manage multiple online fundraising campaigns with RhinoNP technology to raise donations.
  • Automatic Giving
    Finally, RhinoNP accepts one-time or recurring ACH or Credit Card donations from donors.

What Are The Top Benefits?

  • Automation
    Additionally, from donation tracking to accepting payments, you can do everything automatically with RhinoNP.
  • Enhance Fundraising Efforts
    RhinoNP offers the latest technology to manage multiple fundraising campaigns and crowdfunding that enhance your fundraising efforts.
  • Connects With More People
    You can connect with more people from the RhinoNP services such as donation forms and fundraising campaigns.

What Is The Price Plan?

For organizations with fewer than 25 users per month, it’s free.

If you want to manage more donors then, you have to pay fees for it.

Ideal For Which Organizations?

Small organisations or organisations with a few loyal supporters don’t require extensive tools or linkages with external CRM systems.

4. Anedot

Anedot is a powerful donation management software, but it is more likely used by churches so, this software is known as Church Donation Software also. It will help you to manage donations and online payment gateways.

What Are The Features Offered By Anedot?

The followings are the top benefits Anedot offers to its users.

  • Flexible Payment Options
    Anedot provides a number of payment options such as credit or debit cards, bank drafts, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.
  • Automated Email Receipts
    Anedot sends thank-you receipts to donors automatically after receiving donations.
  • Integration
    In addition, Stay connected with the tools you use regularly. Anedot has several direct integrations.
  • Credit Card Updater
    Eventually it will automatically update the credit card and save the recurring donations from the donors.

What Are The Top Benefits?

  • Safe and Secure
    Firstly Anedot provides a safe and secure way of accepting donations automatically.
  • QR Code
    You can send your action page with a QR code which Anedot generated absolutely free.
  • Multiple Bank Accounts
    If you want to add more bank accounts then you can add it with an Anedot account so the donation will direct to the account you want.
  • Accept Multiple Funds
    You can set multiple fund options on the same donation page, so your donor can donate to the cause they want.

What Is The Price Plan?

While donor profiles and other advanced features are access for a fee starting at $25/month, we can start fundraising easily.

Ideal For Which Organizations?

Any nonprofit can use Anedot church donation management software. Although, it is preferable for all types of churches.

5. Snowball Fundraising

Snowball Fundraising provides tools and technology which helps nonprofits to reach their fundraising goals. It also helps in donation management.

What Are The Features Offered By DonorKite?

The followings are the top benefits Snowball Fundraising offers to its users:

  • Contact Management
    Firstly Keep the records of all the donors to contact them consistently in the contact database.
  • Donation Management
    Snowball Fundraising software can track and manage each and every donation.
  • Ticket Management
    We can do ticket management online with help of this software.
  • Text-to-Give Fundraising
    Finally, you can capture more donations with advanced technology of text-to-give fundraising by Snowball Fundraising.

What Are The Top Benefits?

  • Reports
    This software makes reports on donors and donations accepted to understand things adequately.
  • Donor Engagement
    Snowball Fundraising maintains donor relationships with outbound emails, text messaging, and interactive QR codes.
  • Secure Donation Payments
    Secure, Snowball Fundraising can process PCI-compliant payment, so you can start your fundraising activities quickly.

What Is The Price Plan?

They do provide a free plan that covers processing charges. But the majority of their sophisticated tools are only accessible through their subscription programmes, which start at $55 per month.

Snowball Fundraising offers four different plans such as:

1. Essential (Start at $0)
2. Premium (Start at $55)
3. Professional (Start at $85)
4. Enterprise (Start at $99)

Every Plan charges 2.5% + 30¢/trx as a platform fee.

Ideal For Which Organizations?

Basically Nonprofits and charity organisations can use Snowball Fundraising as a fundraising software.

The Bottom Line

This article has the 5 best free donation software programs to manage nonprofits’ donations.

In brief, We can conclude that using donation management software is very worthwhile. You can simply complete the management of your regular operations at nonprofit organizations.

If you belong to any small nonprofit organization, then you can adopt any free donation software program to streamline your donation management.

In addition you can purchase a paid subscription if the requirements of your nonprofits, churches, and charities are high.

It is the greatness of donation software that they can make easy management, contacting donors, fundraising campaigns, online payments as well as reporting, and many more things.

Without a doubt, you can try one of the free donation software programs listed in this blog for simplified donation management of your nonprofit.

Moreover, We will wish you the best for your donation management journey.

Happy Free Donation Management!!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, most of the donation software programs mentioned in the blog support multiple currencies and payment methods, allowing non-profit organizations to accept donations from donors worldwide.

Some of the donation software programs mentioned in the blog offer additional services, such as fundraising coaching, marketing tools, and peer-to-peer fundraising features. However, these services may require a paid subscription.

Yes, most of the donation software programs mentioned in the blog offer integrations with popular website builders and social media platforms, allowing non-profit organizations to easily embed donation forms and accept donations directly from their website or social media accounts.

Yes, the donation software programs mentioned in the blog are suitable for non-profit organizations of all sizes, including small organizations that have limited resources and budget.

Yes, all the donation software programs mentioned in the blog offer donor management tools that allow non-profit organizations to access donor data, generate reports, and track donation progress.

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