Fundraising Software for Nonprofits: Top 7 Picks for 2023

Fundraising Software for Nonprofits: Top 7 Picks for 2023

Think, You are getting donations in your organization’s account with fundraising software for nonprofits, even when you are off duty.

And also consistent communication with your existing donor and upcoming donor at one click!!

Cool, Right? 

But, have you ever wondered? These imaginations can become true with fundraising software for nonprofits.

Doesn’t matter, whether you belong to a small nonprofit or any large nonprofit organization, we have researched the top best fundraising software for nonprofits that will be useful and productive to both.

We belong to this field, so we have many friends and contacts in nonprofits. After a conversation with them and our research, we have filtered some of the best and our favorite fundraising software solutions for you.

Top 7 Fundraising Software in 2023

  1. DonorKite
  2. Everyaction
  3. ProfitBooks
  4. Network for Good
  5. Silent Partner Software
  6. GoFundMe
  7. DonorSearch

Let’s start!!!

1. DonorKite

Donation Software

DonorKite is a powerful fundraising software for nonprofits that helps you in creating and managing online fundraising campaigns. 

This nonprofit donation software believes in appreciating your fundraising efforts, that’s why they created a feature that results in numerous donations.

Overview of Fundraising Software

DonorKite is a complete package for donation management that precisely does the fundraising activities also. 

You can increase your donation count even if you belong to small nonprofits. Because its interface is user-friendly and easy to use. 

Anybody can fill up the donation form and donate online through multiple payment options.

This software can be your very affordable fundraising partner. Due to a comfortable price structure, small nonprofits can also be a part of innovations in the world of fundraising.

Fundraising is the first step for small nonprofits to achieve growth.

Services of this donation software are not limited to any area or country. It is globally available to every philanthropic organization established on the earth.

Donation Software

Have a look on the robust features offered by a DonorKite:

  • You can Track Unlimited Donations.
  • Manage Fundraising Campaigns.
  • You can do Unlimited Donor Management.
  • It will generate Reports on donor behavior.
  • Multiple Payment Options like Paypal, 2CheckOut, and Stripe are available.
  • Easily Integrates with third-party software.
  • Automatic generates the Donation Tax Receipt.
  • Send Receipt via email.

Additionally, If you want to upgrade from old software or want to switch devices, the DonorKite allows you to import data from another system. You can access your previous data too.

For a better user experience, DonorKite provides customization facilities as per the organization’s requirements.  

Furthermore, You’ll get complete assistance from the customer service team of the DonorKite throughout the fundraising journey.

Why Does This Software Stand Out?

  • DonorKite is a comprehensive solution for any nonprofit, churches, and charity organization.
  • This software has a user-friendly interface that engages users and results in an increasing amount of funds.
  • With this donation management software,, you can add one-time as well as recurring donations.
  • Wide range of features of DonorKite makes your nonprofit organization more productive with fundraising and donation management.
  • Installation Services of DonorKite Software is:
  • Fully prepared MVP is available.
  • Delivery of the entire programme under full server control.
  • Providing custom software features in accordance with your needs.
  • Provides training to your staff to use the software.

DonorKite will enlarge your area of reach to collect donations. You can run any fundraising campaign with DonorKite, and it will result in a large fund collection.

What Is The Price Structure?

Here comes the Best part of DonorKite, it provides a minimum of 30 days of free trial so you can understand the functions and get used to it. 

With this free trial experiment, you can better decide what you want more in software.  
DonorKite doesn’t charge any platform fees or hidden fees. You can check the complete price chart of DonorKite here.

2. Everyaction


Overview of Fundraising Software

EveryAction provides several features to run successful campaigns, engage supporters, and raise funds. 

Some key features of Everyaction are:

  • automated donor stewardship. 
  • peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • customizable advocacy campaigns.

Why Does This Software Stand Out?

Everyaction is supports the latest technology for fundraisings. Which improves the fundraising efficiency of small nonprofits to large size nonprofits.

Everyaction supports the; 

  • User-friendly design and intuitive interface.
  • Easy to navigate and quick to learn.
  • A dedicated team of support specialists always available to help.

What Is The Price Structure?

Everyaction’s software price starts from $134.00 per month.

You can check the complete price chart after contacting Everyaction via the website.

3. ProfitBooks


Overview of Fundraising Software

ProfitBooks is an accounting and financial management software designed for small and medium-sized organizations. It will also help in focusing on fundraising activities effectively. 

Here is an overview of its features:

  • Create professional invoices and track payments easily.
  • Manage expenses by recording and categorizing them.
  • Generate accurate financial reports like balance sheets, profit & loss statements, and cash flow statements.

Why Does This Software Stand Out?

You can be stress-free for your accounting management and can focus more on fundraising events with ProfitBooks.

  • ProfitBooks can accommodate the growth of your business by allowing you to add donors as needed.
  • ProfitBooks provides high-level security to ensure that your financial data is protected from unauthorized access or theft.
  • you can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection.

What Is The Price Structure?

ProfitBooks price starts from $15 per month with limited features.
You can check the complete price chart of ProfitBooks here.

4. Network for Good

Network for Good - Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

Overview of Fundraising Software

Network for Good is a platform that allows nonprofit organizations to streamline their fundraising efforts by providing various tools and resources to improve donor engagement and increase donations. 

Let’s know the features of Network for Good:

  • Complete customization availability.
  • Donor Management system that records the donor information.
  • Tools to run fundraising campaigns.
  • Reports the fundraising progress.

Why Does This Software Stand Out?

Network for Good Covers many factors of enhancing fundraising activities such as:

  • Network for Good provides a centralized platform for nonprofits to manage all aspects of their fundraising efforts.
  • The platform also offers resources and support to help nonprofits improve their fundraising strategies.
  • Help to increase donation amount frequency.

What Is The Price Structure?

Network for Good offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
You can check the complete price chart of Network for Good here.

5. Silent Partner Software

silent partner software - Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

Overview of Fundraising Software

Silent Partner Software is a fundraising software for nonprofits that offers multiple services.

Sumac Donations is powered by Silent Partner Software, which is intentionally designed to improve fundraising activities. 

Features covered by Sumac Donations is:

  • You can get donor tracking.
  • It will offer integrated fundraising campaigns.
  • It will sleek online donation webforms.
  • Generate donor & donation reporting.

Why Does This Software Stand Out?

As a large software company, it will try to easier the nonprofits trouble with;

  • Help you with simple email marketing.
  • Manage the volunteers and their task allotments.
  • Offers online webforms

What Is The Price Structure?

Price of Sumac Donations starts at $99 per month. You can check the complete price plan here.

6. GoFundMe

gofundme - Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

Overview of Fundraising Software

GoFundMe is a popular online fundraising platform that enables individuals, charities, and organizations to raise funds for various personal, charitable, and social causes. Features offered is:

  • Enhancing fundraising campaigns.
  • Perform secure payments.
  • Track donor information.

Why Does This Software Stand Out?

A lot of benefits are reason of GoFundMe to stand out as a fundraising software for nonprofits such as:

  • It provides a secure and reliable way for people to donate.
  • It will help you in sending emails and text messages to stay connected with donors and to find new donors.
  • GoFundMe offers features such as fundraising tips, social media sharing tools, and customer support.

What Is The Price Structure?

Gofundme has set different parameters for charging services. 

They will charge a 2.9% + $0.30 for each donation. 
For further queries, you can contact them through the website.

7. DonorSearch

DonorSearch - Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

Overview of Fundraising Software

DonorSearch is a comprehensive prospect research tool that helps nonprofit organizations identify potential donors and increase their fundraising efforts. Some of the key features of DonorSearch include:

  • Provides wealth and philanthropy data.
  • Offers detailed profiles of potential donors.
  • Integrates with many popular nonprofit software platforms.

Why Does This Software Stand Out?

DonorSearch helps in various ways to improwise fundraisings, such as:

  • DonorSearch provides insights and analytics on your donors and prospects, including giving trends, demographics, and other key metrics.
  • DonorSearch offers a range of screening tools to help nonprofits identify and prioritize potential donors based on criteria such as giving history, wealth, and philanthropic interests.

What Is The Price Structure?

Gofundme has multiple plans considering different parameters. So, you have to contact them through the website to know the complete price structure.

Final Thoughts

Overall, This article has answers to choosing the best fundraising software in today’s world. 

Fundraising is equally important for small nonprofit and large nonprofit organizations. 

We recommend you raise your fundraising efforts with the help of suitable fundraising software for your organization. 

Such investment in fundraising software gives high returns in terms of huge donations. Choose your fundraising partner as per your needs.

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