Fundraising Software Canada: 5 Best Solutions To Raise Donations

“Fundraising is an essential aspect of any foundation. Philanthropic organizations are active all over the world. The needs of such nonprofits, churches, and charity organizations vary from country to country. This blog will elaborate on everything about fundraising software canada.”

Nowadays, fundraising helps nonprofits to work for their causes efficiently.

As per the need of nonprofits, churches, and charity organizations numerous companies have started offering fundraising software for enhancing fundraising activities.

The Top Fundraising software is an innovation in the world of raising money. So many nonprofits have already got the benefits of fundraising.

Majorly, it helps in an online fundraising campaign to reach large number of people.

Different countries have their unique requirements and people’s perception. So fundraising software has to be customized for the country to get better results.

Therefore, we have identified the top 5 fundraising software Canada.

Lets’ see the whole blog for detailed information.

What Is Fundraising Software?

As the name suggests, Fundraising Software is an online solution for fundraising.

The software which is designed to raise the funds efficiently and enhance all the fundraising activities at online platforms is known as fundraising software.

This software will make your fundraising events and campaign management easy and as well as they also help you to manage the donation data for your nonprofit organization.

It is very true that you can reach a number of people with the help of the best fundraising software instead of person to person contacting.

In fact, so many donation management software provides the fundraising feature for raising money.

Let’s see why it is so necessary to have fundraising software.

Why Is Fundraising Software Needed?

Any nonprofit, church, or charity organization is working on funds. It is very crucial to raise funds in a period.

To raise more money, and to reach a large audience; an organization needs fundraising management software.

You must know that the working of fundraising software can help you to raise your funds online and most efficiently.

The Online Donation Management Software offers fundraising options where you can manage your donations, track donations, pay online, record donor information, handle fundraising campaigns, message online, and so on.

Specifically, The fundraising software Canada will help you to create and manage donation pages, donation buttons, donation forms, event registration, ticketing, payment processing, integration, and reporting.

By choosing such a good fundraising software you can also manage recurring donations, crowdfunding, wealth screening, and text-to-give.

That means, you can simplify your fundraising methods and keep donation records online at your one click with the help of top fundraising software.

Not only for large nonprofit organizations but, fundraising software for small nonprofits, churches, and charities are also available in the market.

Keep Reading to know some most common factors in choosing fundraising software.

What To Look For In Fundraising Software?

Possibly, you may buy the fundraising software from the recommendation of your friend or any trustable person.

But believe us, this is not a good idea to invest money in any nonprofit fundraising software. You have to find out the features in a software which will help your organization to grow consistently.

Here, we will explain the most common factors to consider while buying fundraising software.

  • Aim to investment
  • Features offered
  • Affordable or not
  • Implementation process
  • Integration and customization
  • Vendors’ priorities

Understand every factor in detail.

What is your aim to invest in fundraising software?

Find out the main goal of spending money on fundraising software. And make a list of your demands accordingly.

Your priority list must match the expectations of reaching heights in fundraising.

Explain each and every need for your fundraising software with vendors.

Review the feedback of other customers with your goal list. Then shortlist the best nonprofit fundraising software which will match your aim and expectation.

What are the features available in fundraising software?

We will list some common features that are dedicated to making fundraising software for nonprofits for great use.

  • The robust dashboard that shows reports at a glance.
  • The feed that expresses real-time activities.
  • The donation page creator.
  • The donation form generator.
  • Sending and tracking email facilities.
  • Text-messaging in bulk form.
  • Text-to-give service for donors’ convenience.
  • Mobile device accessibility.
  • Campaign management at an online platform.
  • Fundraising page management service.
  • Simple query builder and segmentation facility.
  • Task manager and reminder feature.
  • Event management facilities.
  • Event ticket generator service.
  • Online payment service from any location with multiple payment gateways.
  • Recording donation history.
  • Donor data management.

Does fundraising software fit your budget?

This is among the most important factors to consider. You should decide your affordable budget before purchasing a software.

It is not worthy to invest higher than your needs and capabilities.

You have to make sure that all the hidden fees and platform fees must fit within your budget and you will get all the mandatory features you require.

If your need is not very high and possibly covered with open source software then you should go for free donation management software or fundraising software.

Make sure you will get better results from your fundraising software investment.

What is the implementation process of software?

It’s not about only purchasing software, it’s about creating a workflow and getting results.

Your organization and your fundraising software team has to work together to generate positive results.

With proper implementation and correct training of fundraising software or donation management software, you can raise bulk donations.

What are your integration and customization capabilities?

Integration and customization as per your nonprofit or charity organizations’ needs is an essential factor to invest.

If integration compatibility is lower then it’s a loss taking deal with fundraising software.

Your requirements vary due to organization type, target audience, organization size, and organization budget.

So, online donation software has to customize the features as per your needs.

Does fundraising software vendors’ priority match with yours?

Fundraising with the help of online software is not a one-time ask of purchase. It’s a long-term connection with fundraising software vendors.

Complete assistance for fundraising software is mandatory throughout the journey. Therefore vendors’ priority list should match yours.

Together, you can get a fruitful outcome by using online fundraising software. It will help you to raise your desired donations online.

We hope that you are cleared with the above mentioned factors.

Now, see the insights of the top 5 fundraising software accessible in Canada.

Top 5 Fundraising Software in Canada

  1. DonorKite
  2. Salsa Engage
  3. Cloud Engage
  4. 1A-Fundraising
  5. Donum

Let’s dive into the listed fundraising software.

1. DonorKite

Are you looking for an all-in-one platform to help you streamline your nonprofit organization’s engagement efforts? Look no further than DonorKite.

DonorKite is an answer to all your worries regarding donation management and fundraisings.

It is the best online tool in a nonprofit organization as a fundraising software Canada.

This Non Profit Donation Software is a comprehensive engagement software designed for nonprofits of all sizes. This powerful software combines a variety of features to help organizations engage with donors, supporters, and volunteers more efficiently.

How DonorKite Will Help?

Fundraising is an essential component of any nonprofit organization. With a limited budget and resources, nonprofits need to be able to raise funds quickly and efficiently. That’s where DonorKite comes in.

This software is specifically designed to help nonprofits increase their donations, manage their donors, and streamline their fundraising efforts.

You can overcome your fundraising and donation management stress with DonorKite.

What Are The Features Offered By DonorKite?

Here, we have listed the exciting features offered by DonorKite–The Church Donation Software. Have a look!!

  • Donation Management
    DonorKite manages each donation and records the donation information.
  • Fundraising Campaigns
    You can manage multiple fundraising campaigns, track them, customize them, and check the progress with DonorKite.
  • Donor Management
    You can save donor profile information such as name, contact number, and email.
  • Track Donations
    This donation software tracks the real time donation with complete information like date and time of donation, donor data, and amount of donation.
  • Accept Online Donations
    DonorKite will allow online donations from any location via the website and mobile device.
  • Automated Receipt Generator
    Donors can receive the automatically generated donation receipts immediately or on a scheduled date with DonorKite.
  • Control Panel for Donor
    This software will provide a personalized control panel for donors to manage donation information, contact information, and recurring donations.
  • Integration with Multiple Payment Gateways
    DonorKite will integrate with multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal, and 2Checkout to ensure secure payments.
  • Generate Reports
    Your organization will get a complete report on donation history which helps you to observe donors’ behaviour toward donations.
  • Customization Services
    This is the coolest feature provided by DonorKite in which they will customize the features as per your organization’s requirement.
  • Manage Team Members
    This fundraising software will also help you to manage team members’ data. You can add, remove, or edit members’ information whenever you want.

Let’s see the top benefits offered by this Charity Donation Software.

List Out The Top Benefits of Using DonorKite

  • Enhanced Fundraising
    DonorKite Fundraising feature makes it easy to create and manage fundraising campaigns, which can lead to increased donations and revenue.
  • Improved Donor Engagement
    With powerful features such as receipt automation and donor management, nonprofits can better engage with donors and supporters.
  • Time Savings
    With all of the fundraising tasks in one place, nonprofits can save time and resources by automating tasks like donation tracking, receipt generation, and report creation.
  • Improved Donor Relationships
    By tracking donor communication preferences and giving history, nonprofits can better understand and cater to their donors’ needs. This can lead to improved relationships and increased donor retention.
  • Enhanced Reporting
    DonorKite’s reporting features give you valuable insights into your organization’s fundraising and donor activity, helping you make data-driven decisions.
  • Import/Export Data
    DonorKite provides the import and export data facilities from another device. So you can have all your donation history.
  • Volunteer Management
    You can easily manage your team members’ data within DonorKite software.

Even as a fundraising management software the DonorKite provides several benefits that cover all the needs of any nonprofit, church, or charity organization.

What Is The Cost of DonorKite Services?

DonorKite provides a free trial for their customers.

You can have a completely unpaid trial for 30 days to understand the functionality of software.

This fundraising software offers annual as well as monthly subscription plans.

The basic price will start with $49/month, and this will vary with customization plans.

Each subscription plan includes Unlimited Donors & Donation, Unlimited Team Member & Generate Report, Donor Portal Access, and Future Software Features Upgrades.

We recommend that DonorKite is a really good deal to grab!

Where To Find DonorKite?

You can contact the DonorKite team for more information by submitting the inquiry form at the contact us section of the DonorKite website.

Several nonprofit and charity organizations have trusted DonorKite as their fundraising partner.

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2. Salsa Engage

Salsa Engage is a modern online fundraising software. This platform combines unique features to effectively help nonprofit organizations engage with donors, helpers, and volunteers.

How Salsa Engage Will Help?

Salsa Engage is a cloud-based fundraising software Canada for nonprofit, church, and charity organizations of all sizes.

This platform is specified to assist in targeting, engaging, and communicating with donors to accelerate fundraising.

Salsa Engage’s tools such as email marketing, online giving and payment processing, event management, membership management, reporting, campaign management, and more.

What Are The Features Offered By Salsa Engage?

  • Fundraising
    The Fundraising feature allows nonprofits to create and manage fundraising campaigns, including donation pages and peer-to-peer fundraising pages.
  • Advocacy
    The Advocacy feature helps nonprofits launch advocacy campaigns and promote their cause to a wider audience.
    You can create petitions, send targeted email campaigns, and track advocacy metrics.
  • Marketing Automation
    Salsa Engage’s Marketing Automation feature allows nonprofits to create automated email campaigns and track user engagement.

List Out The Top Benefits of Using Salsa Engage

  • Increased Efficiency
    With Salsa Engage platform, nonprofits can streamline their engagement efforts and reduce the amount of time spent managing multiple software systems.
  • Better Advocacy
    Nonprofits can launch successful advocacy campaigns and promote their cause to a wider audience with Salsa Engage’s Advocacy feature.
  • Improved Volunteer Management
    The Volunteer Management feature helps nonprofits better manage and engage with volunteers, leading to a more productive volunteer program.

What Is The Cost of Salsa Engage Services?

Salsa Engage offers a variety of pricing plans for nonprofit organisations.

Pricing plans range from $149/month for the Basic plan to $999/month for the Premium plan.

Custom pricing is also available for larger nonprofits or those with unique needs.

Where To Find Salsa Engage?

You have to create a login account on the website for contacting Salsa Engage.

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3. Cloud Engage

Cloud Engage fundraising software is powered by Advanced that allows organizations to interact with their donors in a meaningful and personalized way.

What Are The Features Offered By Cloud Engage?

  • Customizable Campaigns
    Cloud Engage provides user-friendly software for fundraising to create customized campaigns that reach a large audience.
  • Multichannel Communication
    The software allows organisations to reach out to customers across multiple channels, including email, SMS, push notifications, and social media.
  • Donor Segmentation
    Cloud Engage uses donor data to segment audiences and personalize campaigns based on donor preferences and behavior.
  • Real-Time Analytics
    The software provides real-time analytics to help nonprofits track and optimize their campaigns.

List Out The Top Benefits of Using Cloud Engage

  • Increased Engagement
    Cloud Engage helps nonprofit organizations to create engaging campaigns that increase donor engagement.
  • Personalized Communication
    By using donor data to segment audiences and personalize campaigns, nonprofits can deliver targeted messaging that resonates with their donors.
  • Scalable
    The software is designed to scale as organisations grow, making it a flexible and reliable solution for nonprofits of all sizes.

What Is The Cost of Cloud Engage Services?

The cost of Cloud Engage varies depending on the features and level of support required.

However, the software offers flexible pricing options to suit the needs and budget of nonprofits of all sizes.

Where To Find Cloud Engage?

You can contact Cloud Engage platform from its website.

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4. 1A-Fundraising

Fundraising is an essential component of any nonprofit organization. With a limited budget and resources, nonprofits need to be able to raise funds quickly and efficiently. That’s where 1A-Fundraising comes in.

How 1A-Fundraising Will Help?

This software is specifically designed to help nonprofits increase their donations, manage their donors, and streamline their fundraising efforts.

What Are The Features Offered By 1A-Fundraising?

  • Donor Management
    The software helps nonprofits manage their donors by tracking their giving history, communication preferences, and contact information.
  • Campaign Management
    Nonprofits can create and manage campaigns, track progress, and set fundraising goals using the software.
  • Online Giving
    The software allows nonprofits to accept donations online, making it easier for donors to give and for nonprofits to receive donations.
  • Event Management
    The software includes features for managing events, such as registration, ticket sales, and event promotion.

List Out The Top Benefits of Using 1A-Fundraising

  • Increased Donations
    By using 1A-Fundraising, nonprofits can streamline their fundraising efforts, making it easier to attract and retain donors. This, in turn, can increase the number of donations and the overall amount raised.
  • Improved Campaign Performance
    With the ability to set and track fundraising goals, nonprofits can see the progress of their campaigns and adjust their strategies accordingly.

What Is The Cost of 1A-Fundraising Services?

1A-Fundraising pricing starts at $99/month and includes basic features like donation management and donor tracking.

The advanced package costs $299/month and includes all features, including online giving and event management.

Where To Find 1A-Fundraising?

You can find the contact number and email address of 1A-Fundraising from its website.

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5. Donum

Donum is an online fundraising software that is designed to raise the donation money for nonprofit, church, or charity organizations.

How Donum Will Help?

Donum will help nonprofit organizations in several tasks such as donation management, fundraising, receipt generation, and reporting. That increases the management and fundraising productivity of nonprofits.

What Are The Features Offered By Donum?

  • Automated receipts
    Donum automatically generates and sends receipts to your donors after they make a donation. This saves your staff time and ensures that your donors receive their receipts promptly.
  • Fundraising campaigns
    Donum allows you to create and manage fundraising campaigns easily. You can track the progress of each campaign and send updates to your donors.
  • Reporting
    This software provides detailed reports on your organization’s fundraising and donor activity. You can use this information to make informed decisions about future fundraising efforts.

List Out The Top Benefits of Using Donum

  • Improved efficiency
    Donum streamlines your donor management process, saving your staff time and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Increased donor retention
    Donum helps you keep track of your donors’ information and donation history, making it easier to communicate with them and build long-term relationships.
  • Better fundraising results
    Donum allows you to create and manage fundraising campaigns more effectively, resulting in more donations and better fundraising results.

What Is The Cost of Donum Services?

Donum offers a range of pricing plans to suit nonprofits of all sizes.

The pricing is based on the number of donors you have, and the features you need.

The basic plan starts at just $165 per month. There are also premium plans available for organizations with larger donor databases or more complex needs.

Where To Find Donum?

You can find all the contact details of Donum at its website.

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Online fundraising software simplifies your fundraising activities and reaches your targeted people quickly.

Fundraising software Canada is the ultimate solution for Canada’s nonprofit organizations which can streamline your donor management and fundraising processes.

With its user-friendly features, valuable benefits, and affordable pricing, fundraising software maximizes the nonprofit’s impact.

So why wait? Sign up for fundraising software Canada like DonorKite today and start taking your organization’s fundraising efforts to the next level!

All The Best! for choosing the best and most profitable fundraising software for your valuable organization.

Happy Fundraising!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The top five fundraising software solutions in Canada are DonorKite, 1A-Fundraising, Cloud Engage, Salsa Engage, and Donum.

Yes, fundraising software can help you increase your donations by enabling you to create more targeted and personalized fundraising campaigns, track donor information, and automate donation processing.

Most fundraising software solutions are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, requiring little to no technical expertise. 


However, some solutions may require more advanced technical skills, so it's important to consider the level of technical knowledge needed before choosing a solution.

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