3 New Charitable Donation Software For Streamline Management

Charitable donation software is built to overcome the management stress of charitable trusts. Here, see the 3 new donation management software for charitable trusts.

Charitable trusts are willingly dedicated to the betterment of society. Trusts are made to help needy ones. 

But, they are not doing it on the single hand. There are a lot many people who are donating to the charitable trust to help the community. 

That’s why a charitable organization has to manage all the donations and related data. And for this, as a modern solution, the concept of donation management software has been launched. 

In this article, you will learn the all-new top 3 donation management software of today. You will get complete information about it including benefits, features, and many more.

What is Donation Management Software for Charitable Trusts?

Charitable trusts collect numerous donations everyday. And the software which is specifically developed to manage bulk donations is called donation management software. 

Donation management software can do multiple tasks such as tracking donations, recording donor information, providing online platform for payments, donation receipt generation, reporting and analysis, integration, and so on. 

Basically, donation management software is a modern solution for the online management of donation data. You don’t have to worry about any data loss or data encryption. Your software will do it for you.

organization-to-organization requirements differ. That’s why customizable software made to match the needs of a charity is called donation management software for charitable trusts.

Now, we will elaborate on newly launched donation management software, which helps in the donation management of the charitable trust.

3 New Donation Management Software

  1. DonorKite
  2. DonorView
  3. Raisely


DonorKite is a newly launched donation management software but because of its services, it’s ranked at the number one position in our list. 

It is a complete package of donation management services to customers’ expectations. 
Any charity organization can trust on DonorKite for their precious data management.

Let’s know about the features offered by DonorKite.

  • You can track donations with ease with the help of DonorKite. 
  • You can track the profile information of donors and keep it for further use.
  • Transaction tracking details include the accurate date and time of the donation given, information about the donor, and the amount of the donation.
  • You can get real-time reporting of donations.
  • You can integrate with Paypal, Stripe, and 2Checkout for providing online payment services.
  • Fundraising tools and technology are also available to run fundraising campaigns.
  • Customization services are the best part of DonorKite. Because it will make the software exactly as per your requirement.
  • DonorKite is able to integrate with third-party and existing software of your organization.

What are the Effective Benefits of the DonorKite?

  • Donate via online payment gateways from any location.
  • Record unlimited donations.
  • Donor Dashboard is available for easy understanding.
  • Tax receipts are generated and they can be sent through email to the donors.
  • You can keep a profile record of donors such as name, number, and email address.
  • You can perform fundraising activities too.


DonorView offers multiple features and is ranked second on our list. Its price is a little higher than DonorKite but, if your requirements fit with donorview then, it’s not bad to consider.

List of the features offered by DonorView.

  • fundraising management of Donorview provides organizations with the tools they need to plan, execute, and track their fundraising campaigns. 
  • DonorView’s event management features provide organizations with the tools they need to plan and execute successful events.
  • You can generate reports on fundraising progress, donor retention, and other metrics.
  • You can also integrate DonorView with your website, social media accounts, and other marketing channels.

What are the Effective Benefits of the DonorView?

  • You can build and maintain relationships with your donors.
  • You can manage your volunteer programs more effectively. 
  • You can create and manage volunteer profiles, track volunteer hours, and schedule volunteer shifts.


Raisely is our third donation management software for charitable trusts which is newly launched but listed on top. 

It will help to raise funds with advanced fundraising technology.

Let’s have a look at features offered by Raisely.

  • One of the key features of Raisely is the ability to create customizable campaign pages. 
  • Raisely’s peer-to-peer fundraising feature allows users to set up fundraising pages for their supporters to use. 
  • It will allow you to set up automated emails to be sent to donors at key moments in the campaign.

What are the Effective Benefits of the Raisely?

  • You can easily share campaign pages and updates on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through Raisely.
  • Raisely supports a range of payment processing options, including credit cards, PayPal, and direct bank transfers.
  • Raisely also generates the report to better understand the campaign output.

Now, after knowing all the specifications of all three software, let’s compare them all.

Comparison among listed Donation Management Software!

We highly recommend DonorKite for any charitable trust based on its impressive features.The main reason for choosing DonorKite is, it covers most of the features that any organization like nonprofits, churches, and charities may require. It’s a gateway of one common platform for managing donations to multiple organizations which are connected with charities.

Rest two software Donorview and Raisely, are also good. If you are focusing on more volunteer management than donations, then you can prefer Donorview for your charity organization.

And, if you are looking for only and only fundraisings, then Raisely is a good option for you. But, most charity organization want to spend on multiple featured software for one platform solution like DonorKite.


Undoubtedly, Charitable trusts have to prefer the online solution named donation management software to maintain all the donation data precisely. A wind range of features provided by donation management software will help a lot and make the work easier for charitable trusts.

Considering fundraising is an important factor when purchasing donation management software.Because it helps in running a charitable trust.

We hope that this article was helpful for you to understand donation management software. We will wish you a Happy Donation Management with the software which you are going to purchase.

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