21 fundraising ideas for churches: Boost Donations In 2023

The world has changed a lot now; people used to give funds to churches while praying on Sunday mornings. But now, everything has changed, The current scenario needs innovative fundraising ideas for churches to raise donations.

Churches have to put fundraising efforts to run an organization consistently. Yeah, it will need some creative ideas to implement for fundraising but don’t get stressed because people believe in the almighty.

They willingly want to donate to religious places. We have to reach them and explain about our good causes of collecting funds.

Here, we have listed the 21 best and easy fundraising ideas for churches to help you a little from our side.

Let’s begin!

21 Best Fundraising Ideas for Churches

  1. Fundraising Software
  2. The Virtual Offering Plate
  3. The 50/50 Raffle
  4. One for One
  5. Sending Fundraising Letters
  6. Social Media Networking
  7. Text-to-Give
  8. Crowdfunding
  9. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  10. Partnership In Local Business
  11. Auctions
  12. Festivities
  13. Theme Parties
  14. Noisy Sundays
  15. The Day For Dogs
  16. Host Events
  17. Host Shows
  18. Movie Night
  19. Parents’ Night Out
  20. Service Week
  21. Food Sale

Let’s dive into the listed best fundraising ideas for church.

1. Fundraising Software

This one is our favourite fundraising idea for churches, nonprofits, and charities. Because it will stress-out your work with fundraising.

Yes, the advanced tools and technologies of today’s world have made life easy. Thanks to the fundraising software, who enhance all the fundraising activities such as handling multiple campaigns, crowdfunding, collecting online donations, and so on.

Not only the fundraising campaigns but many more things were done by Church Donation Software like DonorKite such as recording donations history, keeping donor’s data, generating reports, all this will help you to analyze donors’ behaviour so you can act accordingly for the next step of fundraising activity.

This Non Profit Donation Software also provides automated communication tools that helps you to maintain good relationships with donors. The consistent communication with donors will encourage them to donate more.

Fundraising Software for Nonprofits is available free at online platforms, but if your organization is large and you want some advanced features, then you can take paid subscriptions of fundraising software.

With the use of software, you can reach several people in a very short period of time. Also, the online giving feature will create convenience for donors to donate easily from any location through mobile devices and websites.

2. The Virtual Offering Plate

Several people and congregations are unable to come physically to participate in donations. The virtual giving option is best for them.

In fact, a small shopkeeper accepts online payments so why not church donations?

An attractive donation page and multiple payment options encourage people to donate quickly.

Charity Donation Software like DonorKite gives integration feasibility with multiple payment gateways so donors can donate whenever they want just with a click.

With digital offering plates, donors can also keep a record of their donations, they will get instant online tax receipts in their email box. They can see their donation history even after a long period of time, all these facilities attract donors for recurring donations.

3. The 50/50 Raffle

The 50/50 raffle is one of the exciting Fundraising Ideas for Churches. In which a group of people or an individual has to buy a ticket, all the money will be collected in the bucket. Then, in the end, somebody will pick a ticket from the collection.

The winner of the ticket will get half of the money from the overall collection and a church will get the other half as a donation.

This is an easy idea for implementation because all you need is tickets and a place to conduct the event. With a very low investment, you can collect large donations through this technique.

4. One for One

One for One is the fundraising idea popularized by TOMS on the concept of “Buy One, Give One-B1G1” which is a highly inspirational way to fundraising.

It’s like you have to buy something, and some part of your purchasing price will be donated to the needy ones.

For example, if you are donating a blanket to needy ones, then the scheme will be “Buy One Blanket, Give One Blanket.”

In which the price of the blanket is a little higher than the average price and some part of your purchasing money will be donated to the cause of supplying blankets to the needy people.

5. Sending Fundraising Letters

The fundraising letters are a quick answer to raising donations for churches or any religious places.

These fundraising letters are request letters to the donors for their financial support. It can be in written, printed, or email format.

The content of your fundraising letters must include a summary of your vision, mission, cause, and fundraising need. Your story will inspire them to donate immediately.

Remember, address the fundraising letter with the preferred name of the church member. And, also the method of donation such as bank details, address, and QR codes.

6. Social Media Networking

This is the most trending method of influencing people in a very short time. Almost the whole population of the world is at least on one social media platform such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. And this makes it the best Fundraising Ideas for Churches.

You can easily connect with people via social media platforms by creating your church account or donation pages.

You can run your donation page actively by showing the good use of donation money through posts or stories.

Else, you can create an innovative social media challenge for the church members, so they can participate with great interest in it and raise the fund.

7. Text-to-Give

This is the easiest technique to connect with your congregation. If your church is following virtual methods of payment and communication, then text-to-give is best for them.

You can do text messaging with mobile phones via text-to-give technology. This will connect the church with donors in a consistent manner.

Let’s see what are the steps of activating text-to-give services for fundraising.

  • Find out the text-to-give technology service provider and finalize the deal with them.
  • Your donation page must be mobile-responsive.
  • Select the keyword and accept a phone number provided by the text-to-give company.
  • Share both the details with the church member’s group.
  • Members should be encouraged to SMS the keyword to your chosen number. The link will direct supporters to your donation page, where they can complete their contribution.

As per our research, text-to-give service is an effective way of fundraising for churches.

8. Crowdfunding

As the name suggests, crowdfunding is a way to collect funds from a group of people. Almost every church, charity, and nonprofit organization uses this idea for fundraising.

The most advantage of crowdfunding is to reach a large number of people other than the church’s members.

Honestly, the only crowdfunding campaign will not help you to succeed in your fundraising goals. At least, 2 to 3 crowdfunding campaigns are mandatory to meet donation goals.

Here are the crowdfunding methods of implementing it:

  • Promote your campaign on every social media platform on a regular basis.
  • Save advance donations from congregation, family, and friends for a secure start.
  • Use videos of your previous work for others to influence people.
  • Update your crowdfunding page everyday.
  • Respect every donor by heart, do not give importance by considering the amount of donation they donated. Doesn’t matter if anybody is donating $10 or $1000, everybody should be treated in the same way.

These are not enough points to perform completely successful crowdfunding, but these main points help a lot.

9. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-Peer fundraising is a great virtual option to raise funds. In which congregation and team members of the church will raise the funds on behalf of the organization.

The basic functionality of peer-to-peer fundraising is connecting multiple crowdfunding pages to your church. It’s a crowdfunding solution on a virtual level.

It fastens the speed of fundraising and connects with a lot of groups which helps to enhance fundraising activities and collect donations.

There are a lot of church donor management software and fundraising software that provide peer-to-peer fundraising features with paid subscription.

10. Partnership In Local Business

Partnership with local businesses is also a good idea for fundraising. Because the small business owner can connect with your church to help you.

Your local business partner can sponsor your church’s events or they can share weekly, monthly, or yearly contributions from their profit.

This will boost the reputation of your local business partner and people will admire them for their work and contribution.

11. Auctions

Auctions are one of the fun ideas of enhancing fundraising. Events like auctions will attract people to attend it and invest in it.

Request a range of donations from the nearby companies. Promote the event, hire an auctioneer, and think about having food and beverages catered. Prior to starting, make sure everyone is informed of the regulations.

Auction preparation needs a time of several months, but it’s a way of collecting large funds. So, it’s worth the time.

If you don’t want to do auctions with local businesses, then you can organize an art auction. You have to request some artist to donate the work for welfare of the church and the causes they are working for.

12. Festivities

The holidays are a terrific opportunity to engage with your neighbourhood and organise a fundraiser. People are charitable and they also somewhat anticipate being approached.

Have look at the holiday’s fundraising ideas:

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Pictures with Santa

13. Theme Parties

Themed parties are one of the favourite ideas of churches and nonprofits for fundraising. It excites the new youth to be a part of the congregation.

You have to decide on any trending theme and need to sell tickets for that theme party. People will attend the party, enjoy it, and donate. Also, you can keep funds from the profit generated via ticket selling.

14. Noisy Sundays

For two reasons, Noisy Sunday is a great way for church youth organizations to raise money: it inspires participation from the congregation and provides Sunday school students with a special task.

The Sunday school students will make noise coins in a jar as much as they can on the aisles. Due to this people will donate the coins or changes they have to shut the noise off.

Like this, you can collect the donations by adding some excitement to the church.

15. The Day For Dogs

There will be a number of church community members who have dogs and they want a dog wash service from others.

You have to grab this opportunity and arrange a dog wash in the church’s parking lot on weekends.

A lot of youth congregations may love dogs and are interested in dog washing. Yes, after some dog-wash guidance, behaviour with animals, and washing techniques you can start the washing business at the parking lot.

By offering enjoyment you can raise funds for your church through spending a day with a dog.

16. Host Events

Hosting events is an advantage for churches to raise funds. The church can host events like auctions, talent shows, exhibitions, sports events, art events, music events, Bingo, or Trivia Nights.

You can charge event tickets and also put a general donation box in which attendees can donate willingly. Never miss a chance of fundraising like this.

17. Host Shows

You can host some famous shows, talent shows, music shows, family shows, or comedy shows to excite people and get their attention.

You can charge a show ticket by spreading the reason why you are collecting funds for your church.

18. Movie Night

Another interesting Fundraising Ideas for Churches is to invite your church’s congregation, youth, and their family to attend a movie night for fun. Choose the best family or new release exciting movie to stream in your church.

Church members can bring their kids and friends to enjoy the movie night. You can also offer popcorn, snacks, drinks, and candy to give a boost to revenue.

This type of exciting arrangement encourages the church members for donating regularly.

19. Parents Night Out

You can use your church’s facilities for babysitting and child care to allow parents their private time. You can organize a date at the church’s area or you can allow parents to go willingly for a date.

Don’t forget to provide games and fun activities to kids, so they can also enjoy their babysitting at church.

This type of event or date organization makes them feel worthy of time and happiness, so they do not hesitate to pay or attend again.

20. Service Week

If you are looking for an idea in which you can offer good deeds to society and raise funds simultaneously. Then, the Service week activity is the best option to choose.

You have to motivate your congregations to invest their time and talents to help others. They all have to create an individual service page for collecting donations after helping the community in their work.

You can offer services like car washing, home cleaning, gardening, event management, and anything your church members want to do willingly.

21. Food Sale

You can organize a food sale event to gather a lot of people and sell a donut, fries, sandwich, or anything people love to eat at your food sale event.

You can hike the price of your food by explaining the cause of fundraising for your church and also tell them how you will help needy people with the funds you collect.

The Bottom Line

Overall, fundraising is an important aspect of sustaining and supporting a church’s mission and programs.

With the 21 Fundraising Ideas for Churches presented in this article, there are many creative and effective ways to engage church members and raise donations in 2023.

From traditional methods like food sales and auctions to modern approaches like online crowdfunding and virtual events, there are options for every church community to consider.

By combining different strategies and tailoring them to the unique needs and strengths of your church, you can create a successful fundraising campaign that generates the resources needed to create a positive impact on your society and beyond.

Remember to prioritize transparency, communication, and gratitude throughout the process to foster a culture of generosity and connection within your church.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Fundraising is important for a church as it helps to generate revenue for the church's activities, programs, and facilities. 


It also enables the church to reach out to the community and support charitable causes, such as helping the needy, providing education, and supporting missions.

The best fundraising ideas for a church can vary depending on the size, location, and demographics of the church.


Some popular ideas include hosting a church auction, organizing a bake sale, hosting a charity run or walk, selling church merchandise, and creating a church cookbook.

A church can organize a successful fundraising event by planning ahead, setting realistic goals, selecting an appropriate fundraising idea, recruiting volunteers, promoting the event, and following up with donors and attendees after the event.

Yes, there may be legal requirements for church fundraising, depending on the state and country where the church is located. 


Churches should consult with legal and financial experts to ensure they comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

Yes, a church can fundraise for a specific cause or project, such as supporting a mission trip, building a new church facility, or helping a local charity. It is important to clearly communicate the purpose and goal of the fundraising to donors and attendees.

Yes, non-members can participate in church fundraising events. Fundraising events can be open to the community, and churches can reach out to local businesses and organizations for support and sponsorship.

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