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Charity is a kind of gift to society. We are lucky that so many people believe in doing charities. There are a lot of volunteers who are willingly working for charity organizations. Due to that, charity organizations get bulk donations day by day. For streamline donation management and tracking donations data every charity organization needs a donation tracking software

A lot of charity organizations are there that already trust donation tracking software and use it for donation tracking. That helps them to focus more on causes rather than management.

What Do You Mean by Donation Tracking?

Real-time tracking of donations collected by charities via donation tracking software is known as donation tracking. 

Donation tracking includes information such as donors’ profiles, the date and time of the donation, and the donation amount.

Donation tracking software can keep records of each donation.

What is Charity Donation Tracking Software?

As the name suggests, charity donation tracking software is a software that is particularly developed to manage donations collected by any charity organization.

Donation tracking software is able to track donors’ information such as donors’ name, donors’ contact number, donors’ email address, and donors’ donation history. As well as they track the accurate date and time of donations. 

Donation tracking software is capable of performing a variety of activities, including tracking donations, logging donor information, providing an online payment platform, generating tax receipts, reporting generating, integration, and more.

We have listed the top 3 charity donation tracking software. Let’s understand it.

List of Top 3 Charity Donation Tracking Software

  1. DonorKite
  2. Donorperfect
  3. DonorELF

1. DonorKite

Donation Software

DonorKite is a powerful software solution that can help chaity organizations to track and manage their donations. This comprehensive tool provides a range of features that allow charities to track, streamline their operations, engage donors more effectively, and raise more funds for their causes.

DonorKite is not just software, it’s your partner. It is designed to decrease your donation tracking and manage stress. You can have stress-free data management in your computer system. All you have to do is subscribe to DonorKite, the rest will be efficiently managed by DonorKite. 

Let’s have a look at the range of features and key advantages offered by DonorKite.

Features offered by DonorKite:

  • DonorKite makes it simple to track donations.
  • DonorKite can be integrated with both your organization’s current and third-party software.
  • DonorKite tracks complete profile information of donors.
  • From date and time to amount of donation and donors’ information, everything is tracked by DonorKite.
  • Receipt generation is also featured by DonorKite.
  • Avail Receipt sending through email.
  • DonorKite provides online payment opportunities from any location.
  • Able to integrate with multiple payment gateways.
  • Enhanced fundraising activities.
  • Customization facilities as per the organizations’ needs.

 Key Advantages of DonorKite:

  • DonorKite offers a user-friendly interface.
  • organizations can start using the software right away, without the need for extensive training or technical expertise.
  • It has powerful reporting and analytics tools.
  • Charities can generate detailed reports on donor behavior, fundraising performance, and other key metrics.
  • Maintain a good relationship with donors.

2. DonorPerfect

Donorperfect is also a good choice for those who want to do maximum focus on fundraisings only. It is provides multiple features to raise your fundraising efforts and help you to get more funds everyday. 

Let’s elaborate the features and key advantages of donorperfect.

Features offered by donorperfect:

  • This donor management module allows charity organizations to efficiently manage donor data and track donations.
  • This software provides a range of tools for managing fundraising campaigns.
  • It Integrates with popular payment gateways such as PayPal and
  • It provides reports to enhance fundraising activities.

 Key Advantages of donorperfect:

  • The volunteer management module of this software allows charity organizations to track volunteer activities, manage volunteer schedules, and communicate with volunteers.
  • It is provides a range of tools for communicating with donors and supporters.

3. DonorELF

DonorELF can help you in several ways but if you want actively working features of comprehensive volunteer management, then you can go for DonorELF. It helps you to engage your volunteer with task allotment. Also you can precisely manage your fundraising events with DonorKite. 

Let’s learn about the features and key advantages offered by DonorELF to better understand it.

Features offered by DonorELF:

  • DonorELF allows charities to store and manage their donor data in a centralized database.
  • DonorELF also provides charities with customizable donation forms that match their branding.
  • The software allows organizations to generate reports on donor demographics and campaign performance.
  • The software comes with pre-built templates of emails. You can match it with organization branding and send it automatically with DonorELF.

Key Advantages of DonorELF:

  • DonorELF enables donors to choose how they want their donation to be allocated.
  • DonorELF’s volunteer management module enables charities to manage their volunteer base.
  • It will help charities to plan and manage fundraising events.

What is The Price Structure?

Price structures are based on different parameters like the number of features available, services provided, extraordinary benefits, and so on.

DonorKite: Starts from $49/month (Free Trial Availability)

Donorperfect: Starts from $99/month

DonorELF: Starts from $12.95 per user/per month


We have listed the top 3 donation tracking software for charity organizations. The ultimate goal of all the donation tracking software is to make your donation tracking and management easier to use.

Overall, it is completely worth it to invest in donation tracking software as a huge charity organization. With donation tracking software your charity organization can manage the data at its fingertips. With one mouse scroll, you can access the donor dashboard presenting donation tracking data in a very convenient form.

You can contact the donation tracking software companies through their website’s contact page to make your organization’s management smooth. 

Wishing you a Happy Donation Tracking for your Organization with donation tracking software.

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