Top 7 Donor Management Fundraising Software: Best Suit For Nonprofits

We all know Nonprofit organizations are working hard for the betterment of the community; To give some digital support, donor management fundraising software is made. 

Yes, the donor management fundraising software is specialized to overcome the operational workload of nonprofits, churches, and charity organizations. 

Various features are offered by top church donation software to provide online facilities of donation tracking, donor management, reporting and analysis, online payments, integrations, receipt generation, fundraising campaigns, communication tools, and many more.

This article will explain all the features and types of benefits about donor management software with live examples of the best seven donor management fundraising software.

Let’s Begin!!

What Is Donor Management Fundraising Software?

Donor Management Fundraising Software is meant to manage bulk donations at one common online platform. 

It provides the feasibility of managing donations as well as donors’ information in software databases with some exciting communication tools that allow the nonprofits to contact their donors consistently.

The Non Profit Donation Software also provides online donation options to donate easily at one click from the website or mobile devices. It generates online receipts and sends them to donors also. 

Fundraising campaigns are managed by donor management fundraising software online to reach a large number of audiences which can support nonprofits. 

As the number of features is increased, the management convenience also increases. You can streamline all your operational work as a nonprofit organization. Accounting, administration, funding everything is managed by the software only. 
These donor management fundraising software are available for free and in paid subscription also. Some of them are accessible to everywhere such as donor management software Canada, Australia, UK, USA, etc.

Why Is Donor Management Fundraising Software Required?

Fundraising software for nonprofits is specifically designed to raise money and manage donations more effectively.

Here are some of the key needs that donor management fundraising software can address:

  • Streamlining the donation process
    Church Donation Software
    can make it easier for donors to give money by providing a simple and secure online donation portal. This can reduce friction and increase the likelihood that people will donate.
  • Tracking donations and donor information
    Donor management fundraising software can keep track of donations and donor information in one place, making it easier to manage and analyze data. This can help nonprofit organizations identify trends, target donors for future campaigns, and demonstrate impact to funders.
  • Automating tasks
    Fundraising software can automate tasks such as sending out donation receipts, managing recurring donations, and tracking pledge progress. Like this you can save your time and reduce the risk of a number of errors.
  • Integrating with other tools
    Charity Donation Software
    can integrate with other tools such as email marketing platforms, CRM systems, and social media platforms. This can help organizations reach donors across multiple channels and streamline their operations.

Overall, donor management fundraising software can help nonprofit organizations and other groups raise more money, more efficiently, and with greater transparency and accountability.

Top 7 Donor Management Fundraising Software

  1. DonorKite
  2. Donor Engine
  3. DonorWise
  4. Text2Fund
  5. Andar/360
  6. Patron Assist
  7. ActBlue

Let’s dive into the above-listed top 7 donation software.

1. DonorKite

DonorKite is a powerful donor management fundraising software that comes with a wide range of features. That helps you in donor management as well as in fundraising. 

You can maintain a good relationship with donors with consistent communication tools from the DonorKite.

This software allows free access to its users to build trust and transparency before any purchase. 

And the best part of DonorKite donation management software is its availability globally. You can experience all the services of DonoraKite from any location in the world.

Let’s see the insights into the features and benefits of DonorKite.

List of Features – DonorKite

  • To manage all the donations collected from websites and mobile devices, DonorKite will give a full support and management database.
  • This donor management software as DonorKite will help you to manage multiple fundraising campaigns to cover all the causes. That will lead to reaching a large number of audiences.
  • Donor profile information such as donors’ names, donors’ contact information, donors’ email addresses, etc. is recorded by the DonorKite database with security.
  • DonorKite performs donation tracking with the correct date and time, accurate amount, and donor details.
  • Online Giving is available with DonorKite. The donor can donate from online platforms, mobile devices, and websites.
  • You can send an automated generated receipt to donors through email immediately or on schedule.
  • For a better understanding of donation data and donor information in a proper reporting format on screen, the donation dashboard is featured by DonorKite.
  • The personalized control panel is provided to donors for all the records of themselves, it’s like maintaining their account and recurring donations.
  • Payment Gateway Integration with trustable payment platforms such as Paypal, Stripe, and 2CheckOut is available with DonorKite donation management software.
  • To analyze the accurate behavior of donors with donations for fundraising, the DonorKite donor software will generate reports.
  • If you want to add some advanced features or personalized features as per the nonprofit organization, then you can do it with the customization feature service of DonorKite.
  • To manage team members’ data and update them DonorKite will provide a volunteer management database.

Top Benefits Offered By DonorKite

  • Enhance Fundraising
    The fundraising tools and technology of DonorKite will help nonprofits to manage several fundraising campaigns online.
  • Save Time
    Automating every operational task of a nonprofit organization through the DonorKite software will save a lot of time.
  • Maintain Good Relationships With Donors
    With the help of the communication tools of DonorKite, consistent communication for thankyou messages and announcements is possible that will result in a good relationship with donors.
  • Reporting and Analysis
    To raise more donations, analyzing the donor’s behavior is crucial. The DonorKite will generate the correct report of donation history.
  • Import/Export Data
    If you want to update the new version on a new device, then you don’t have to worry because DonorKite will allow you to import/export data from another device every single time.
  • Manage Team Members
    Whenever you want to edit the team members’ data, you can edit it easily with the DonorKite volunteer database.

What Are The Price Plans?

DonorKite will provide a 30-day free trial for their lovely customers. 

Nonprofits can use all the features of DonorKite for a month and then decide to take a subscription or not.

The DonorKite will offer annual as well as monthly plans to subscribe.

The basic price of DonorKite will start at $49/month. 

Subscription price may change as per the customization of features.

You can check out the DonorKite website for detailed information and fill up the demo form to contact the team.

If you want to go with our recommendations, then DonorKite is the best deal to grab. Because you will get a wide range of features at an affordable price.

2. Donor Engine

Donor Engine is a nonprofit software designed to manage all donations on one platform. The great donation dashboard of Donor Engine software will report everything about the donation and donor updates.

Now, see the insights into the features and benefits of Donor Engine.

List of Features – Donor Engine

  • The donor database of Donor Engine will provide the 360-view of any individual or organization donor connected to you.
  • The flexible dashboard of the Donor Engine will allow you to filter the data you want to see and make a digestible view of donation information at the dashboard.
  • Easily accept one-time and recurring donations from various payment modes such as cash, cheque, EFT, credit card, and more.

Top Benefits Offered By Donor Engine

  • Save a lot of hours for your nonprofit organization, by generating automatic printed and online communication.
  • This software provides you with the regular email-marketing feature. You don’t have to export your donors’ details to other companies for marketing.
  • Offers end-to-end and dedicated high security for your donation data and donors’ information.

What Are The Price Plans?

Donor Engine will offer an annual as well as monthly plan for feature subscriptions. You have to contact them via the website for more info regarding the price.

3. DonorWise

DonorWise donor management fundraising software is mainly designed for donation tracking. It also enhances the communication between your organization and donors and that will lead to financial integrity and credibility.

Let’s see the insights into the features and benefits of DonorWise.

List of Features – DonorWise

  • DonorWise tracks the donations and gives accurate reports of all the donations at the right time and amount.
  • This software has advanced communication tools to connect with donors and staff which enhances the good relationship with donors.
  • The strong internal control of DonorWise maintains financial integrity and credibility.

Top Benefits Offered By DonorWise

  • DonorWise is available in multiple languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.
  • With the communication tools and technology the DonorWise helps you to maintain a good relationship with donors.
  • This donation management software also helps you to communicate with staff for the projects directly.

What Are The Price Plans?

  • DonorWise provides monthly as well as annual subscription plans for software services.
  • Price may change as per the customization.
  • Contact DonorWise by visiting their website.

4. Text2Fund

Text2Fund is a donor management software powered by Arreva. This software is particularly used for donation tracking and online giving.

Here, have a look at the insights into the features and benefits of Text2Fund.

List of Features – Text2Fund

  • The most advanced feature provided by Text2Fund is Contribution Tracking in which the software database can track all the online donations.
  • Text2Fund records the donor information in the donor management database to use for future tasks.
  • Text2Fund provides online payment processing to collect donations.

Top Benefits Offered By Text2Fund

  • You can track the bulk donation all the time with the help of Text2Fund donation management software.
  • This Text2Fund donation software provides secure online payment processing.

What Are The Price Plans?

Text2Fund provides different subscription plans for software services.

Price may change as per the number of features added to the plan.

Contact Text2Fund by visiting their website.

5. Andar/360

Andar/360 is a powerful CRM which helps nonprofits to maintain relationships, run multiple fundraising campaigns, proceed online donations, and many more.

Let’s see the insights into the features and benefits of Andar/360

List of Features – Andar/360

  • Andar/360 provides the latest tools and technology for donor management in which they maintain a record of donors’ information.
  • The Andar/360 shows complete analytics and metrics in a report. The tabular or chart report will become easy to understand the donation history and outcomes.
  • The Andar/360 donation software will help you to make attractive donation pages and accept online payments from those pages.

Top Benefits Offered By Andar/360

  • You can manage the whole event with the help of tools provided by Andar/360.
  • Volunteer management for your nonprofit organization is also featured by Andar/360 donation management software.

What Are The Price Plans?

  • The starting price of Andar/360 donor management fundraising software is $1.00/One Time.
  • You can contact them to get more information.

6. Patron Assist

Patron Assist is a comprehensive donation management software that provides multiple services such as donor management, event management, volunteer management, etc.

Now, see the insights into the features and benefits of Patron Assist.

List of Features – Patron Assist

  • The Patron Assist will run the effective email campaigns for marketing of your nonprofit organization.
  • You can streamline the membership management of your organization’s members.
  • Patron Assist handles all the bulk payments securely for your church, nonprofit, or charity organization.

Top Benefits Offered By Patron Assist

  • Patron Assist manages all the donor’s data in their database to contact them consistently.
  • The task of admission and ticketing to nonprofit organizations was done by Patron Assist donation management software.
  • The Patron Assist handles all the gifts and pledges of your organization on behalf of your nonprofit organization.

What Are The Price Plans?

The price of Patron Assist donor management fundraising software varies as per the number of features you choose. Take a website tour to know more.

7. ActBlue

ActBlue is a flexible donor management fundraising tool designed to enhance fundraising efforts and donor management for your organization.

Let’s see the insights into the features and benefits of ActBlue.

List of Features – ActBlue

  • ActBlue offers tandem fundraising in which campaigns and organizations raise money together by using tools and technology by joint contribution form.
  • ActBlue provides a quick setup mode to maintain multiple campaigns.
  • Ticket booking of great events is managed online by ActBlue donation management software.

Top Benefits Offered By ActBlue

  • ActBlue offers mobile views for more convenience and usability.
  • This software is a PCI Level 1 certified merchant that provides a high level of security.

What Are The Price Plans?

As you choose the features, the price gets changed in the price plan of ActBlue.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the realm of donor management fundraising software offers a plethora of remarkable options tailored to the needs of nonprofits. 

Throughout this exploration, we have uncovered the top seven software solutions, each distinguished by its unique features and capabilities. 

From the intuitive user interfaces to the robust data management tools, these software platforms are revolutionizing the way nonprofits cultivate and engage their donors.

As nonprofits continue to strive for impact and make a difference in the world, selecting the right donor management fundraising software becomes an essential decision. 

So, as nonprofits embark on their fundraising journey, armed with the knowledge of these top donor management fundraising software options, they are well-positioned to embrace the future with confidence, knowing that they have the tools to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve. 

With the right software at their disposal, nonprofits can unlock the true potential of their fundraising efforts and propel their mission forward, leaving a lasting impact on the world.

Happy Donor Management And Fundraising!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Nonprofits need donor management fundraising software to keep track of their donors, donations, and fundraising efforts in a more organized and efficient way. With the help of this software, nonprofits can communicate more effectively with donors, build relationships, and increase donations.

The top 7 donor management fundraising software options for nonprofits are: DonorKite, Donor Engine, DonorWise, Andar/360, Patron Assist, and ActBlue.

Some key features of donor management fundraising software include donor tracking, donation tracking, communication tools, event management, reporting and analytics, and integration with other software tools.

Nonprofits should consider factors such as the size of their organization, their budget, the specific features they need, ease of use, customer support, and integration with other software tools when choosing donor management fundraising software.

Yes, there are some free donor management fundraising software options available for nonprofits, such as CiviCRM, SuiteCRM, and Zoho CRM. However, these may have limitations and may not offer all the features of paid software options.

Nonprofits can ensure successful implementation of donor management fundraising software by selecting the right software for their needs, providing staff training, ensuring data accuracy, setting up effective communication channels, and regularly evaluating and refining their fundraising strategies.

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