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Church Donation Management Software - Manage donations and contributions for your church seamlessly

DonorKite is a single, unified solution for donation management that is designed to ensure churches have a strong backend to complement real-world efforts. Entering donation data manually is an outdated, non-reliable process as it takes time for every entry, and requires additional steps in compiling, storing, and analyzing the information. When raising funds, if donors are inconvenienced, there is a real possibility that they will lose interest or postpone their commitment. But with DonorKite, you enable them to contribute seamlessly through online tools, or if in a face-to-face meeting, you can enter the data within a few seconds which is stored securely in the cloud. You can also issue an immediate acknowledgment to the contributors, so they are assured about their donation. All the data is stored in the backend automatically so your team can access real-time data to analyze and gain insights that guide future efforts.


The full range of features and customization services help your church streamline donation management processes with the perfect suite of solutions. Data actually becomes a powerful tool that you can utilize to maximize your awareness and impact. With DonorKite, you can easily integrate your existing third-party applications, so all your tasks are accomplished within the system, and is visible in a single simplified dashboard to you and your team members. You can also manage multiple organizations and assign different levels of access to different team members to keep them updated with real-time data about donations. DonorKite helps churches bring back the focus on making a difference rather than on manual data entry or maintaining physical records.


We would be happy to show you exactly how DonorKite helps in accelerating your awareness and impact with robust, intuitive software solutions. Reach out to us to discover how easy it can become for you.

DonorKite Church Donation Management Software Features

Without proper management, it can all become too chaotic and disorganized. That is why DonorKite includes all the features that make it easy for churches to keep records of every contribution, and donor data. We also provide custom solutions for your specific requirements if necessary.

Track each contribution

Each donation is logged into the system so you can have a record in your system, as well as donor data that can be tracked.

Smart Reporting

Utilize your data with simple but strong reporting that lets you map and highlight the most relevant information to the stakeholders.

Third-party integrations

DonorKite makes it easy for you to integrate your favorite third-party applications such as Quickbooks for faster workflows.

Ecosystem Management

Manage donors, volunteers, admins, and other members in your church ecosystem so that there are clear roles and responsibilities.

Tools for Online Donation

DonorKite offers a range of tools which you can pick and choose as per your convenience, and your donors’ preferences for a hassle-free donation.

Unlimited contributions

There is no limit to how much a donor can contribute through DonorKite, to ensure that you can raise as much as required for your church.

What our client says about us?

“I found DonorKite surprisingly intuitive, without being overwhelming. We were not sure how technology can help us, but the DonorKite team is a really passionate bunch who worked really hard to ensure that our cause would find the required solutions and make it easy for us for the future. I cannot thank them enough.”


“Strong relationships are crucial for modern fundraising. DonorKite is fundamental to how you initiate and maintain these relationships for maximising the value to your cause.”


“We use DonorKite regularly, and all our donors and ambassadors really love how easy it makes it easy for them to contribute to causes they are passionate about. It is not about just collating donor information, but how you can leverage that data for building better relationships for the long-term.”


Need more features? We also offer Customize Software Solutions for our customer with their needs. 

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DonorKite is designed to empower you to maximize donation collection, provide acknowledgement, and track each donation to help your organization maintain records and gain insights for better decision-making.

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