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DonorKite helps non-profit organizations with the right software solutions for detailed tracking and easy management.

Non-Profits Donor Management Software - Manage Donors & their Donation

DonorKite empowers non-profit organizations by providing them a robust donation management software system, and the right set of software tools so goals are accomplished in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. It is a comprehensive donation management software designed to be seamless and intuitive for all stakeholders – donors, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders. DonorKite has been built after extensive research and with expert insights into issues that non-profit organizations face in raising funds. Right from entering donation data to generating periodic reports, each aspect has been created to provide a seamless workflow. For example, instead of manually entering each donation, DonorKite provides online payment tools so donors can choose their preferred mode of payment, and the data is immediately entered into your system. Even in a face-to-face meeting, you can capture all the relevant data within a few seconds so as to complete the process quickly and reduce time taken for each interaction. Moreover, the comprehensive data management and analysis tools in DonorKite help you make sense of all your data from a simple interface which is easy-to-use and provides a unified view of real time data.


With unlimited donation and donor entries, there are no limits to how much interest you can generate for each cause. It offers multiple organization management features so you can handle more causes seamlessly from a single window, with different processes and storage options. It is easy to manage your team of supporters and volunteers as they can be assigned different levels of access and edit rights to the donation data. DonorKite offers third-party integrations as well, so you don’t have to abandon existing technology or communication applications. If you have been using QuickBooks for accounting, it can be integrated into DonorKite so you can continue to use the application within your backend system.


You can also choose specific customization, and the DonorKite team will be happy to help you with that. Just contact us and we can show you how we can maximize the returns on your non-profit efforts with the perfect solutions.

DonorKite Non-profits Donation Management Features

As a non-profit organization, raising funds is always the major focus. But without the right features and tools, managing your data takes away most of your time. Moreover, it is not possible to study or analyze this data when making your strategy or planning your resources. DonorKite helps you manage your backend with all the features necessary for you to manage donations to your non-profit organization.

Donation information

DonorKite records and stores all the donation data in a centralized location so you and your team can access the data on the go.

Strong reporting

Compiling and analyzing all the donation data in one place lets you identify critical factors and utilize relevant tools for strong messaging.

Integrations with your favorite apps

With DonorKite, we help you integrate your most used applications and your donor preferred options for better workflows.

Unlimited Donations

There is no limit to the impact you want to create, so why should there be a limit to how much your donors can contribute.

Online Donation Options

Choose from a wide range of online tools to help your donors contribute through their preferred digital payment modes.

Unlimited Contributions

DonorKite does not have any limits on the contribution amount, so you can receive all the help you can get for your causes.

What our client says about us?

“I found DonorKite surprisingly intuitive, without being overwhelming. We were not sure how technology can help us, but the DonorKite team is a really passionate bunch who worked really hard to ensure that our cause would find the required solutions and make it easy for us for the future. I cannot thank them enough.”


“Strong relationships are crucial for modern fundraising. DonorKite is fundamental to how you initiate and maintain these relationships for maximising the value to your cause.”


“We use DonorKite regularly, and all our donors and ambassadors really love how easy it makes it easy for them to contribute to causes they are passionate about. It is not about just collating donor information, but how you can leverage that data for building better relationships for the long-term.”


Need more features? We also offer Customize Software Solutions for our customer with their needs. 

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DonorKite is designed to empower you to maximize donation collection, provide acknowledgement, and track each donation to help your organization maintain records and gain insights for better decision-making.

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