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A Donation Management Solution tailored for your exact organizational requirements

All churches, charities, and non-profit organizations function in unique external environments. Local regulations can especially vary widely in regard to raising funds, and also in storing relevant data securely. We understand that each organization would have its own unique requirements from their donation management software.


With DonorKite, you can deploy the entire donation management solution to cover all aspects of donation management data for entry, storage, and retrieval. It provides a robust backend for your organizational data and management capabilities. But you can also choose to modify the solution as per your exact day-to-day operational needs. The DonorKite team offers customization experts who understand the details of how your organization functions, and accordingly improve the solution with the best technological upgrades. Customization can help organizations improve their methodologies and accelerate workflows with a focus on productivity. Or you may choose to include some of the features that your target audience of donors would prefer – for communication or even for making the donation. We help you understand the latest available options in the market or create a solution entirely from scratch if required. This can be built on top of the standard product to ensure that your functionalities are expanded to be as inclusive and effective as possible.


Our goal is to ensure that you and your team can focus your energy on the noble cause you are raising funds for, rather on managing donation data or juggling individual responsibilities. So, no matter what your unique requirements are, you can count on the DonorKite development team to address those needs with the perfect set of solutions that can be built exclusively or with third-party solutions which may have to be further modified. Customization is made within the same solution to reduce risk exposure with an uncompromising backend solution. Especially for audit and compliance purposes, you may require additional features built into your management system, which can be seamlessly deployed.


Please get in touch with us so we can guide you through the various aspects of your donation management software that can streamline your entire organizational backend administration.

Partnership for solution, not just for product

Choose the perfect set of features that help you accomplish donation management easily.

In-depth analysis

We start with understanding your requirements completely so our experts can provide the complete solution to your organization as you need

End-to-end solutions

Our global experience gives us the insights to leverage the most suitable tools for you and deploy them to achieve your goals.


DonorKite is ready for future evolution of technology since it is designed for seamless integration and easy updating if required.

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